Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hello, 2015

 25th day of the year and I hadn't post a single thing? The blogging kicks are reducing year by year, huh? Forgive me. I will try harder.

I will wrap up the last day of our 2014 Melbourne trip with these 2 pictures. Had brunch at Hardware Societe before we bid goodbye to the land of good food.

Flat white and Special of the Day. It was a duck confit with poached eggs and watercress?

It was probably the BEST duck I have ever tasted, period.


To welcome 2015, I'll be posting up some pics about the things that I have done so far. I accomplished quite a bit in this first month of the new year. Praying and hoping for better months to come!

#1 Welcomed the New Year in Taiwan

I love how they have this near the city

and not so amused by the food.

#2 Got to eat all the good food in KK

 You don't have to guess this.

#3 Met up with some good ol' friends and had a good time

Like this Pharmacist-to-be

 and this #gengmakan fella :D

#4 Went to KL

 But ended up travelling down to Malacca

 and back to meet the 1600 pandas

 Then woke up at 6am the next day. Friends drove to Penang while I slept at the back seat


Met a new friend along the way!

 Fulfilled my mission of having yim gook gai in 2015! I ate it twice heh :)

Am being very fond of nasi lemak this month.

 and visited Jump Street Trampoline Park!!

 Met up with the Adelaide gang in KL

#5 Sprained my ankle & had to sit on a wheelchair

Was wheeled to the aeroplane HAHAHAH because I sprained my ankle at the trampoline park.

I can say that I have been truly blessed this month. With good food, good friends and love from the Father up above. What a great start to the new year!! :D

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Alysasasasasa said...

now i only knew how u sprain ur ankle XD lmao