Thursday, October 2, 2014

Melbourne day 3 - Walk as much as you eat

The third day in Melbourne was the day where I covered most of the city area by foot. With comfy slippers and a Myki card with zero dollars inside, I roamed around the city whilst enjoying the fast-paced footsteps of Melburnians.

Breakfast was at Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee. Loved the setting and their friendly staff.

BEST BREAKFAST of the entire trip. 
More about it in the food post, of which I am still working on :)

Took a trip to Queen Victoria Market. It was quite different from how I remembered it to be when I came 2 years ago. Somehow the stalls outside were a little bit different, and a lot of the stores are not there anymore. I couldn't find the nut store of which my parents really liked the last time we came :(

What remained the same was the delicatessen part of the market. The sausage roll bakery was still there and I had another taste of it after 2 years! Still good!!

Apparently it was no pants day that day. Hooray for I wore a skirt :P

Friend got pestered to try the borek so here it is.

Met up with Khin Enn and Crystal for lunch! Haven't seen the girls for what felt like forever! They brought me to have some sinful ramen at Little Ramen Bar.

Not really sure what's good and what's not when it comes to ramen so I ordered the first thing on the menu! I quite like it, considering that I am not really a fan of instant noodles! hehe

Them pretty girls and their rarararamen

Had a great catch up with them after that with cupcakes and frozen yogurt :) We did tons of walking too! First we walked down to South Melbourne, and then back to Lygon Street, and then the city! I guess I covered most grounds hehe

In the evening, Jet & I decided to pay the Casino a visit. We had no idea where it was, what it was called. We had a vague idea of where it was, so we headed to that direction.

The amazing city in lights

Oh look, a needle!

Pretending to be in Japan

Had no idea where we were after about half an hour of walking.

One of my fave pics from the trip, just because.

And behold, luck was on our side! Finally reached some building that looked like the casino.


All I have to say is, that the Casino is never a place for me. I liked the interior of it, how pretty it is. But I just feel that the place has too much temptation inside. I kept imagining the scene in Percy Jackson where they were trapped in the casino for days after taking a bite of the food they were offered. I felt so nervous the entire time!

But I have been there. Checklist ticked!

Burned some holes in our pockets.

More walks around the city. Feeling so small in such a big city. I love how different the cities in Australia are, though I have only been to two. Adelaide at night is like a quiet town, slow and calm; the Melbourne night scene though, is much more happening and lively. The dancing bright lights illuminating lonely hearts.

Ended the night with a delicious serve of Sake! Well-deserved after walking a thousand miles *cues soundtrack from White Chicks*

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