Tuesday, August 5, 2014

St. Louis Churros!

No one can ever say no to dessert!

Reason why my face is getting bigger and chubbier is because Adelaide has so many sweet offers! From coffee to ice-cream to cakes, she has them all! My friends and I visited St. Louis on Gouger Street, Chinatown after a scrumptious dinner at Ming's Steamboat. All of us were claiming that we're full but still have a tad bit of room in our stomachs for churros! 

Warm dessert on a chilly night wins every (glutton's) heart.

Is it?

Didn't get to try the ice-cream (this was ordered for my friend's family to share) but the smell of the ice-cream was just soooooo nice! I WILL BE BACK! I wouldn't die yet if I haven't tasted the world's best ice-cream HAHAHA Saw great reviews about the waffle basket too, of which my friend's brother nom-ed it all!

The highlight of the nights were our Churros Feast! Fit to feed a family of 4 or 5!

Churros Feast $28

Comes with 12 churros dusted with their delicious cinammon sugar, and also 3 different chocolate dips - dark, milk and white!

My personal favourite was the white chocolate! It wasn't to sweet with the churros and I guessed it sort of blended well with the texture of the churros. I also liked the dark chocolate dip :) I am salivating as I type hahaha

We had double portions of the feast because they were having a 1 for 1 promo on Tuesday nights for that month! Quite worth the money because it ended up being really cheap for all of us. I guess all of us would have ordered more if we haven't over-ordered during dinner.

Would I come back to try their other desserts? Definitely yes. Yes. Yes. YES. Will be back for their ice-creammmmmm! It's a good thing that they're open every day for morning till late night. Will surely drop in to grab a scoop, or a waffle basket! You wait!

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