Friday, May 30, 2014

So... once again

How many times have I abandoned this blog? 

The fact that I have been neglecting, giving love, and later on neglecting this platform explains my commitment to some things. I have commitment issues, oh no D: Well if it took you too long to realize then you should probably think twice thrice about your relationship with me.

Does this explain why I am still single?

Okay peeps. Do not let me lead you astray HAHAHA

Assignments have been piling up since Easter break. I am now at the end of Week 11 in uni and I have to say that time DOES fly. I am down to the final assignment due next week. It's one where we have to write 3 reflective pieces with topics related to the course. Oh and I almost forgot I have a group presentation which I have no clue what I'm doing. Yay me.

I can't believe I am saying this but I find it really hard to write pieces for assignments D: Throughout my studies back in KK I thought I could write pretty well, until I came here and got hit by a gigantic rock of defeat. I guess we are not really trained to write like the other students? Come to think of it, the most challenging writing stuff back in school was during MUET, and that was sort of easy because we have to abide to a set of rules and write according to some format. We are trained to write, but we are trained to write in a restricted fashion. 

Opening, state main point, elaborate 3 points, add examples, closing.

Sounds familiar?


I have to say that uni life made me realize how dependent I was following by routines back home. Now that I have more free time and flexibility, MY DAILY TIMELINE IS IN A MESS. Enough said. Procrastination is what I do best nowadays. Should find something better to do or start prioritizing stuff (like updating this blog once in a while....) 

Anyhow. It's a nice season for photo-taking in Adelaide as the streets are filled with fallen leaves. It's autumn. Can't really explain the weather because sometimes it rains and the next day friggin cold, followed by a tank-top-and-flip-flops day later on. No promises but I will try to get some shots and post them up! :)

The highlight of this month (and probably the entire year/stay in Adelaide/decade) is that I got to catch Michael Bublé LIVE in his Australian Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, yeah I know that he is not really my age and all but who says you can't like the classics?? So a 20-year-old girl cannot fangirl over a man who is the age of her father? Pfffffft no such thing!!

Grew up listening to Michael Bublé because my mom is a fan and I personally likes how he tells stories through his songs. Listening to him sing live got me so amazed that at the end of the show I almost felt like crying because it is over :( It's not only me okay, the entire arena went home happy, but wished the night could go on.

 I went with Shawnee, from OCF, to the tour :)

We actually bought the tickets last minute online for a pretty reasonable price. Nothing to complain about the price we paid and the pretty good seats! This was taken before the concert ah and as you can see my face is like so high and I look so bad HAHAHA

Can't really express how I felt. I was just high the entire way.

 and so are these people

He was in Adelaide for 2 nights and I think both nights were sold out. But hello. I would pay again to watch him all over again. (My parents would probably forbid) And I love the atmosphere in the arena! His singing was really good too. If you think listening to him on records is nice, wait till you listen to him live :O I didn't think that it would be much of a difference since the records are already so good, but uhhh... listening live is a whole other level.


Okayyyy that's all for today! Hope you guys enjoyed my lousy writing. (zero mood to do proper writing at all HAHAHA) And for those who are celebrating the harvest festival back home, HAPPY HARVEST FESTIVAL GUYYYYS :) 

Wish I coud aramaiti here hahahaha

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