Monday, April 28, 2014

Nano, Ready 2 Go!

On a lazy morning (during the Easter break), my friend, Connie and I decided to pamper ourselves with some yummy brunch. I have not had brunch in those classy cafes on the streets before, it feels so expensive! I came across this place called Nano and did a little research about it, the reviews sounded pretty good so we gave it a try!

The interior of the cafe

Nano is an Italian cafe located on Rundle Street, offering mouth-watering breakfast sets, fresh bread, pizzas and pasta! Everything on their menu looks really nice!

Chai Latte

Americano pizza, fruit salad with yogurt and the bread roll (that comes with the pasta)

I really love that tiny bread roll! It's smells soooo good and the center is so soft! It was the most overlooked thing on our table but it turned out to be such a winner! Love the blend of herbs that they put into their bread. I also liked the pizza! The base is just yum yum yum.

pasta pasta 

Whoops. Forgot what this pasta is called but it's got chicken, bacon, mushroom and tons of cheese in it! Mega love! It's not jelat at all even though it is cream-based. It comes with the bread roll and the portion is just nice for sharing :D

The food pricing is reasonable. The pasta and bread roll is $14.80, pizza slice $5.50 and the drinks are the standard $3-4 :) Perfect place for you if you are after delicious food in a laid back environment!

Definitely going back for more pasta. And pizza. And I would looooove to try their bread!!

23 Ebenezer Place,
Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
+61 8 8227 0468

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri  7.30am - 4.30pm
Sat - Sun   8.30am - 4pm

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