Monday, March 10, 2014

Abdate : MH370

Need I explain more about the title? I bet not. Everyone seems to be following the news online, whether or not you have anyone you know on the flight. 

I can't imagine how. The pain and anxiety the loved ones of passengers and crew are going through right now. I know no one on that flight, but couldn't sleep at night just thinking about their well-being and safety.

Can they ever find the plane?

No one knows. Praying seems hopeless. It's not. Every prayer will be heard, and prayer stirs up hope. When you are as helpless as I am right now about the missing flight, then I guess prayer is the only way to ease at least an inch of worry.

Why do these things always happen when my birthday is approaching? I haven't had a worry-less birthday in years =___=

I remember two or three years back there was a tsunami and my city was also warned that we might be hit as well. That was a day before my birthday and I was supposed to have a party at my place the next. I got so freaked out during the day the tsunami hit I couldn't sleep. I almost cancelled the party because I kept thinking about those who lost their shelter and food to the big waves :( I remember not having the appetite to eat. 

Last year it was about the Sulu Invasion. Friends in Lahad Datu had to shut their business for the week, some flew to KK or KL for safety, friends from overseas ringed us to check if we were okay. Some people weren't affected by it, some never bothered and had tremendous faith in our defense system. Not me. I am no doubt, a worrier. When a good offer is given to me, I doubt it a million times before I cautiously accept it. When something bad is thrown to me, I think of the worst consequences that a human brain can possibly come up. I don't think much, but when it comes to bad stuff, I think too much. Spent my 19th birthday having thoughts about gunmen and explosions and chaos in our land.

My results for STPM are soon to be released, I know I did okay but I still fear of getting all Fs in the final transcript =____= Which is impossible, but then, I am still me and I can't help fearing for the worst.

Yesterday my friend asked me if I had anything I wanted from home for my birthday, all I could think of was for MH370 to arrive somewhere, safely. 

Is that too great of a wish?

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