Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mid-week getaway - Glenelg!

We (me and the very cool Malaysians I met here) didn't have any orientation on Wednesday, so we decided to give Glenelg a visit! Actually the whole plan was very last minute, only decided to go the afternoon before the actual day. hahahaha Then the others claimed I dropped a sudden 'bomb' and gave them no time to prepare. Whalao..

Because of that they had to eat Maggi for lunch, while I packed some biscuits and tuna and apples .... as my lunch =___=

Yes, this sounds healthy but the rest of my meals are not hahahaha

Took a tram down to the city, then hopped on the tram. Glenelg is the last stop! 

The weather forecast for the day was that it would be cloudy, with chances of rain. But it didn't rain in the end!! YAY! But it was very hot lah (UV T___T) BUT I sacrificed some freckles for some nice pictures. Okay, fair enough.

So when you get off the tram, this is what you'll see.


Glenelg is a beach-side suburb, which is about 10km from Adelaide city itself. It's very very easy to get there by tram and by bus. We took the tram this time and the journey was about 30 minutes. There are many hotels located along the beach line, pretty nice housings further down. Opposite the tram stop there are many shops and cafes where you can just chill and let the sea breeze bring you to paradise. I WANT TO LIVE THERE!!

We cool! It was so sunny AND windy 

Settled down under a tree to have our lunch. Then came the massive photo snapping sessions. How can you not snap photos on a day like this? The sky was so nice can't imagine!!!

Apa pose saya buat? =_____=

Later on we talked down to the sand!!! WAH SUPER NICE THE SAND SO SOFT AND FLUFFY AND CLEANNNN!!!!

Seriously. I was in awe. It's like, you get stunned and couldn't keep your eyes off the sea, sand and sky for 30 seconds, just let your heart soak in the view. That kind of awe. You feel so small when the world has so much to offer.

Wah why so happy my face? 
See the sky so nice!!

Growing up, I always went to the beach. And I didn't think I'd like the beach this much. Maybe I took it for granted. Just looking at the waves made me so happy. Made me feel like I'm home. So cannot tahan lah must take off slippers and jump in. Cold also die die wanna soak my feet in the water. At least once, once.

If it wasn't so cold I would have already went for a swim =____=


The waves are really big here!

Later walked to the part of Glenelg where people park their private yachts/ boats/ waterpartyhouse/ idontknowwhattheyrecalled.

Got a little hungry so we went to a place for chocolate fondue called Bracegirdle's! Okay did a little research (plus insider info from my cousin HAHA) and turns out that this place is also famous for its waffles!! AND I DIDN'T TRYYYYY!! *bangsheadontable* 

THE CHOCOLATES LOOKED SOOOOOO NICE!!! BUT THEY'RE AUD$2 PER PIECE NUUUUU (Sorry I dare not take picture ah. What if I take already then they ask me to buy T___T)
wait till I get a job here I'm gonna spoil myself #whatiwantforchristmas 

That's the fondue for 2 persons to share (AUD$22.50), then ice chocolate and hot chocolate respectively. Bracegirdle's specializes in chocolates by the way, so their menu is all chocolate chocolate and chocolate!

 We so cheapo hahaha 4 person share one plate for 2 -.-

They also have muffins and cakes!

Took more pictures on the beach after that. I cannot resist and ended up getting sunburnt (I think). But I did slap generous generous amounts of sunblock ah. But then I still think I can't beat the UV here lah. I still feel the tingle underneath the epidermis of my face right now. But I don't think it was as bad as my pulau trip last year lah. 

 Beach Volleyball *drools*
I got a chance to play there. With the locals, but instead of using a volleyball we used a small football. Super hard to move on the sand (pfffft. excuses. Unfit person is unfit)


Underneath the jetty. 

Sometimes in movies when the actors/actresses have scenes under the jetty I'd be like, 'Who wants to go under the jetty so dirty and rusty'

Hello. This trip changed my mind. It's not dirty. Nor rusty.

It's over the top cool.

You feel like you are on top of the world when in fact you are under a jetty =__=

What am I talking about? I also dunno!!!

On the jetty.
 I know I'm like, super perasan but then I really feel like my pictures are really nice. HAHAHA not because they're my pictures, but because the scenery is just so breath-taking!!

Our God is an awesome God. Look how nice He painted the skies for us. Thank You, for giving me an opportunity like this to feel blessed!

End with a picture I started.

Wanted to catch the sunset but then it was already quite late! I think this last shot was taken at 7pm hehehe We arrived Glenelg at about 2pm? Spent 5 hours there, enough? No. 

I wanna go back again.

After this week my classes in uni will start. Probably will have less chances of sight-seeing and roaming around but I will try to keep this blog updated!


Okay remember I promised a picture of the best Fish & Chips in SA that we had in Victor Harbour? Here it is!!

This is the butterfish. Mine was the barramundi. Both taste equally splennnndid! The Somersby Pear Cider is a bonus! :)

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