Monday, February 24, 2014

Abdate: What I ate in Adelaide

This post was supposed to be up by last night but then dunno why the pictures uploaded so slowly -.- So frustrating but anyhow, here are some stuff I ate here in Adelaide. It's not far different from what I eat back home hahaha Just a few pictures lah because normally I forgot to take pictures of what I'm eating and just chuck them down my throat.

 Okay, sounds gross. I am sorry

In the morning I have the usual bread with milk/coffee/Milo. Bread here is really dense compared to the ones back home. I always struggle with just a single piece of bread every morning. And then I have to force down a cup of drink -.-

During lunch when I am home alone, I just fix up a simple meal to fill my stomach, or have some leftovers hahaha

For dinner I usually have more food because my cousin cooks hehehe I DID contribute to our meal okay, sometimes. I'm still no good of a chef mah, so I'm still learning hehe

Vietnamese! From a restaurant called Yen Linh. Went there the last time I visited hehehe I think this is the cold vermicelli combination salad? It has (obviously) vermicelli, roasted pork and spring rolls! It's a really big portion and I didn't finish it :/

My cousins took me out for dinner during Chap Goh Meh. We were supposed to eat at a chinese restaurant but it was full so we ended up in BBQ City, a kopitiam-like restaurant of which, we also visited back in 2012.

We ordered the 4 person set meal and I WAS SOOOOO FULL!

My cousin likes to make stir-fried pasta...

My attempt in making a perfect face-flat omelette ended up like this...

HAHAHAHA but it still tasted nice whad... *selfcompliments* hahaha

 Curry rice from Marion food court. I should have ordered one curry instead of 2 because I wasn't able to finish this.

Wah here I sound like I'm such a small eater but in reality I am not! The portions are just TOO big!!

Yesterday I went to Ikea and Harbour Town. Settled lunch first in Ikea. Ordered the Quiche with salad but only took a picture of the salad -.-

I usually skip salads back home because I find that the vege is always soggy and just taste awful. Here though, they taste fresher and cleaner... hahaha but I'm not sure if they washed it lah but I think they did.

****** that's all. For now.

Looking at these food does make hungry. But I really miss my staple pan mien breakfast every week, my popo's cooking, my mom's cooking, my usual lunch/hangout place with my friends back home - McDonalds. Oh, and I also my favourite, Teh C.

WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! *criesincorner*

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