Thursday, February 13, 2014

Abdate: My CNY

I didn't bring my whole archive of photos and left it in the hard drive at home. So these photos are from my camera which I haven't transferred... until today. hahaha

Nothing special this Chinese New Year, except that I know that I was gonna leave after that week.

Dress for CNY day 1.
Got it in KL from Pink Evil's Fashion Supermarket, Mid Valley. The dress is from the brand Sugar & Spice. Wah this looks like an outfit-of-the-day photo HAHAHA I was bored after we came home from my grandmother's place so I decided to take some pics outside. I mean why not? Slippers are from Ipanema ARRRGH THEY WEREN'T ON SALE WHEN I BOUGHT IT BUT NOW THEY ARE #cheapo

My grandpa decided not to have his annual open house this year so I got the chance to go to Audrey's!

Love the garden background! Love us too hahaha see we all grown up liao. I remember first time we went to Audrey's for CNY open house we all so noob HAHAHAHA

Later that day we went to Marie's house. TWO BIG ROUNDS OF MAKAN YOU TELL ME HOW NOT TO BE FAT?! Took some photos in her room hahaha

I have no idea why I didn't bother to take pictures of food this year. Maybe because I was too pretty. ATTENTION ON ME PEOPLE! *flips hair*


Scary or not? Aly spoiler as usual D:

Floral curtains are our bonus hahaha

Dunno why halfway during the 10-shot I decided to push Siaw HAHAHA and she ended up on the bed and couldn't stand up. Half fainted still do peace sign one this woman -.-

I went to Faith's house after that! So it was 3 houses in a row!! Super tired after but then I still went to my grandma's for dinner ohhhmai

Mom's family decided to do our annual photoshoot on day 3. Location this time was in my uncle's new bike shop! We shot before the shop was open though hehehe His Bike Shop (KSH BICYCLE) is now officially open for business! Do visit when you have time hahaha and buy a bike :) Drive up the Penampang bypass to Donggonggon, pass by CKS Millenium and another new shop lot and it's located at the next. I think that place is called Tropicana something something but it's very easy to spot! It's on the left side of the highway (:

See the bikes

Another round at Audrey's on Monday hehehe

On Thursday I spent helping my uncle in the shop, and then went out for Korean dinner with the Fifits. Supposed to have dinner with Huang before he leaves but then he said he couldn't make it in the end :(

blur selfie

Finally a food pic! Kim chi jiggae. Our usual hahaha

Ordered Winter Noodles for the first time. Tastes pretty good though :) hhehehehe

The ONLY decent photo of us all, which looks very indecent HAHAHA but this is the only one weih

Invited some of my friends over for dinner at my place, of which many didn't make it because it was Day 7 of CNY, which is supposed to be everyone's birthday that day... or something..

Again I haz no picture of the food. WHYY!!

The next day I helped my uncle in his new bike shop, and flew off to where I am now 24 hours later.

hehehe So that's all! Didn't get to eat as much kiu nyuk as I wanted today :( SADDDD

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