Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Hear Your Voice


Recently finished watching a drama called I Hear Your Voice. Yes, I know I am very outdated HAHAHA since this drama's from 2013 but I didn't get to watch it then because of STPM. I must say that I didn't expect this show to be so nice! In fact, I liked the entire story line and how the drama ended. Because you know, most K dramas have a really nice beginning, average climax, and a suckish ending which makes you exclaim, 'I spent a few weeks chasing this drama for nothing!' This one is okay though, it was thrilling (yes, thrilling) from beginning till the end.

I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려) stars Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk, alongside Yoon Sang Hyun (Oska from Secret Garden) and Lee Da Hee. But my favourite actor in the entire cast would be Jung Woong In, or Min Jong Kook in the drama, who is the murderer of Park Soo Ha (Jong Suk)'s father.

Min. Jong. Kook
See his face now also I scared nuuuuuu

The story is kind of hard to explain, since every small bit is related to another big part and you can't miss a single clue. Okay, lemme break it down in points, and try not to spoil you guys.

Park Soo Ha's father was murdered by Min Jong Kook. Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) stood up in court with evidence, Min Jong Kook seeks revenge after being released from his 10-year jail sentence.

Hye Sung became a public defender, Park Soo Ha who was looking for her since I don't know when, saw her in the papers and went to meet her. They soon found out that Min Jong Kook was out of jail, and also received certain threats from him :O

Min Jong Kook continues to follow his plot to kill Hye Sung. Soo Ha tries to protect her, then both of them got really close lalala Then, begins the chase lah of Min Jong Kook, trying to kill Hye Sung.

Honestly I have no idea which part of the story is the climax, because to me almost every kan cheong part is the climax!! Min Jong Kook (the murderer) was played so well in the entire drama. He makes you think of him at night and I got creeps when I was in bed, praying that he will not appear suddenly in my room and kill me  :OOO No boring parts in the drama, people!! Lee Bo Young was super funny with her facial expressions, Lee Jong Suk improved a lot in his acting, the killer is so the killer, and the other cast members contributed all the witty and funny parts. GO AND WATCH CAN? Okay maybe all of you watched already HAHAHA I'm the slow one yes, yes.

Oh I missed the best part, after Park Soo Ha and his father met the car crash (which later led to his Father's murder), he gained the ability to read other people's thoughts. :OOO Cool right?????? No. to me very scary HAHAHA If someone reads my thoughts I would die of embarrassment, and the person would faint of lameness. hahs

Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk
Gotta love their chemistry on set.

I realize that quite a lot of K dramas have 姐弟恋 as their love line. Is this common in South Korea? I read somewhere online that Korean men in general like older women. Any truth to that? hahaha just wondering since it's not really common here...

Okay, so the first time I saw Lee Jong Suk acting was in Secret Garden, and he played the singer/songwriter who was very sissy and girly. Then I saw him on Strong Heart doing a girl group dance and I was like, 'NUUUUU WHAT HAPPENED TO MANHOOD?!' BUT I give him 100,000 claps for his work on I Hear Your Voice, because even with a pretty face he was able to act manly and cool. Okay lah maybe he is really manly in real life I don't know. I guess he is one of the young actors to look out for, after his roles in School 2013 and this. 


Currently watching That Winter, The Wind Blows. The story is going too slow and the whole show macam very emo and sad!! hahahaha

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