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Abdate: Ipoh trip

Fione, Yukmoi, Shnwei and I went to Ipoh last Sunday for our long planned taufufah trip! :D It was a short and sweet holiday and I didn't realize how tired I was, until I reached home and KO until 10+am the next day... hahaha

It was our first time flying with Malindo Air. I don't know what to say about the flight. It wasn't really good, but it's not bad either. They promised to give us a 'light meal', and from what I heard, it was sandwich and a bottle of water. All we got were a packet of soda crackers and a cup of water. The stewardess didn't even give the biscuits to me =___= don't know why she skipped our row whalao

Yukmoi and Shnwei on flight.

So the first day of the trip didn't go as planned. We were supposed to take the 1.30pm airport coach from KLIA to KL Sentral, and then take the 3pm ETS fast train to Ipoh. First miss was the airport coach, it was full so we were asked to take the next one, which was 2pm. If we took that option, we would end up missing the 3pm train. We didn't want that as the next train was 6pm :OO

We opt to take the KLIA express (which is only 28 minutes to KL Sentral) which costed RM35 HAHAHA but when we arrived KL Sentral we were told that the 3pm train is full, and the only available tickets is the 8pm one!!!

So we felt so defeated and tired :( It was fully my fault because I was supposed to purchase the tickets online before the travel date, but I totally forgot until I reached the airport :O And when we tried to access the website during out journey from KLIA-KL Sentral, we website was super slow and lousy on mobile!!

Ended up on the 8pm train ride, arrived Ipoh at 1030pm WAAAAAAAH. Missed the meet up with Jeck :( BUT we did get a chance to visit KLCC, which wasn't in out travel plan :P We also went to the mall opposite KLCC called Avenue K hehehe It's not bad after all...

Us at Sushi Zanmai @ Avenue K for late lunch. It was 3pm when we arrived! Super hungraaaay

Niku Udon
It was my first time trying Sushi Zanmai. Love the fact that they have small and large portions. I ordered a small, good enough for a single serve :)

KLCC. Got a chance to see the CNY deco there wheeeee

Year of the horse! Neiggggh hei hei

Hello Song Joong Ki :D

Finally on the ETS train. What a day!

We stayed in D Eastern Hotel for 2 nights. We booked a family room fit for 4, but I think the room itself can fit in more than four persons!! The hotel is located near town, walk 5 minutes down the road and you will find a stretch of restaurants and kopitiam!

The room.
Opposite the beds there's a cupboard, dressing table, tv and a sofa! The entire room is really spacious. Only bad part is that the room is facing the main road, so it's noisy during the night. Otherwise, all is gooooood

Subway of which we were supposed to eat in the train, but didn't get to.

Woke up early the next day to have dim sum at Foh San. The last time I went there, the dim sum served was just so-so. This time it was better!! Foh San is the famous dim sum restaurant, but I heard that there are better, more humble ones around it.

Steamed pai kut (Pork Ribs). Fave!

We decided to go to the Ipoh Railway Station to get the train tickets for the next day, before they run out!! Didn't want history to repeat itself hahaha I had no idea why we wanted to walk =___= It's quite far from town you know, I think it's located at the Ipoh Old Town area.. We were at the New Town centre that time. Maybe the taxi ride was really quick so we assumed that it wasn't that far from our hotel. HAHAHA It took us about 20 minutes maybe? Got a little lost, ended up in the tourist info centre, and found out the railway station is just behind the info centre -.- hahahaha

Getting lost means more random roaming!! We managed to walk a part of the Ipoh Heritage Trail :) So if we took a taxi instead of walking, we might not get the chance to see these old buildings and architecture wheeeeee

Ipoh Railway Station

Ipoh City Hall
It's opposite the railway station, beside it is the War Memorial...

St. Michael's Institute
I think this is a school, don't know private or government owned but it's super big and nice!! I bet this is the first school in Malaysia that made me go 'Whalao I wanna study there!!' hahaha

The historic buildings in Ipoh are all well maintained and still very stunning!! The free maps can be found in the railway station, selected hotels and of course, the Tourist Info Centre.

Heritage Trail Map (1st map)
Heritage Trail Map (2nd map)

Bought the tickets and headed down to Ipoh Old Town to visit one of the oldest coffee shops in Ipoh, House of Mirrors, or Thean Chun (天津). This shop is famous for the Ipoh hor fun, and caramel custard.

Half eaten caramel custard. hahah too hungry forgot to take picture
At first I was like, 'WHAT LAH EAT CUSTARD IN A KOPITIAM?!?!' But after tasting it, I felt like I was in a fine dine restaurant HAHAHA it was not bad!! I didn't expect it to taste so nice

Iced white coffee.
I love the coffee in Ipoh, it's super kaw (thick) and creaaaamy. Yums. I only had a cup!! :(

Now you know why it's called the House of Mirrors.

Ipoh Hor Fun.
 RM5.50 for a large bowl, Rm4.50 for small. Tastes pretty good but I didn't really like it because of the strong prawn taste from the broth :/ The chicken strips were so little I didn't even see any :O

There was a stall selling satay at the side of the shop. Don't know if it's famous or not but we saw most of the tables ordering so we decided to try, since they have... *drum roll* PORK SATAY!!!! hahaha They also have Chicken satay, pork liver & intestines :OOO Minimum order is 10 sticks, I think it's 70 sen per stick..

Ordered 5 pork, 4 chicken and 1 intestine. The intestine one is for me because I wanted to try hahaha normally I have it in Bak Kut Teh but the satay one tastes so good!!! The pork satay is nice as well. WAH I SO HUNGRY NAO

Walked back to new town (YES. WALK. AGAIN.) for Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah!!! This was supposed to be the highlight of the trip but I think we were too full, and too tired to enjoy more than one bowl hahaha The tau fu fah naik harga liao HAHAHA initially it was 90 sen but now RM1. The also changed their glass bowls and spoons to plastic ones! The feel is very different... using plastic bowls hahaha


Walked around the area, tapau-ed the famous Yim Gook Gai (Salted Chicken) for Aun Kheng Lim
It's gonna be our lunch!!

Salted Chicken!! RM17 per piece. Yes it looks gross in the picture but when you taste it... tears will automatically drop down I tell you because it's too yummy HAHAHA

Lunch in the hotel :) Super regret lah we should have bought another chicken, or maybe one person one chicken is better HAHAHA eat until crazyyyy

Went to Ipoh Parade after that, Tong Sui Kai (which SUCKED compared to the last time I went there) and the day ended with dinner at Lou Wong's Bean Sprout Chicken I remember that time we were super tired and cranky (after shopping and mad walking the whole day zzzz)

Sorry forgot to take pic of the bean sprout chicken. Give you some pork balls instead.

Spotted purikura booths at the arcade in Ipoh Parade, so we took some!!

Took the 10am train back to KL the next day. Did tons of shopping and now I am broke!! hahahaha Some photos we took in The Gardens Mid Valley. They set up various booths for shoppers to take pictures. You can share the pictures on Instagram and win some stuff hehehe (but you can't share mine please hello privacy!!!)

 You know I can't fit in a cheongsam

Mad floral patterns for each booth! like!

Hello, green chair

 Fruit bowl
Took a break from shopping at Tong Pak Fu.

So that's about it! It was a fun trip I must say. Ate a lot, saw a lot, and shopped a lot. It's Visit Malaysia year this year so make sure you visit a part of our country hehehehe I plan to go to Kelantan or Sarawak this year end. Who wants to go with me?

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