Saturday, December 7, 2013

Senior Prom 2013 - Last Vegas!

I can't find the post I previously written :O So here's a new one :(

The theme for this year's Senior Prom is Last Vegas. No idea why they wanted to add the 't' to Las? I just realized that our prom themes are getting pretty exciting hahaha prom Paris to Vegas. A definite win compared to 'floral', not? AHAHA 

A job well done to the juniors who put up this incredible night *claps* Yep, we know it's not easy!! There were hiccups that night (with our seating arrangement) but aiyah the past is the past. Let's move on. I think this year's prom definitely topped last year's! Okay both years were great lah AHAHA kiasu because I was committee last year :O

Spent more on this prom that last year's hahaha Nolah actually not much but of course, I can't wear a RM30 dress like I did last year (although I was really tempted to). I didn't want to wear the usual black or white so I decided to look for a bright colour!! Since the theme is Vegas, it has got to be over the top, right?

And so, I chose a Halloween colour BAHAHA pumpkin.

Photo creds to Shnwei lol

Obviously this is a wrong angle =__= or a wrong pose HAHAHA Dress is from a local brand called Zero to Ten, shoes are my aunt's HAHA from Charles & Keith. My bracelets are from a blogshop called Delirious. Hair and make up are done by myself. I obviously didn't do anything much to my hair, it fact it looks worse compared to my usual hair days :O I had a stye on one of my eyes that day D: WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!! It was super painful while applying eye make up, and I just couldn't get the eyeshadow even :(

But I don't think anyone noticed!! hahaha except my grandpa :O

When my aunt sent a picture of me in my dress he immediately noticed that I had an eye stye. =___=

My bracelets are from a blogshop called Delirious.

Typical girls photo AHAHA

My internet line is still @#$%^&*() so I'm posting up a few photos only kayyyy

Oh btw I love the fact that we had 2 backdrops to take photos with! *clapslouder*

The Taufufah gang!!

Most of us got a chance to participate in games. I joined this Cola drinking thing and realized that I am actually pretty bad when it comes to drinking Coke without a straw :O 

Fat arms for sale.

I think Audrey's table won or something and the prize was a Starbucks Gift Card. No fair!!! ahahahaha

The Pre-U Volleyball Team!
Must take a picture together while we are not sweaty and bruised, right? ahaha See we all look so dazzly.

No idea why but the official photographers of the night kept taking pictures of out table :OOOO

6 Atas Sains of 2013. There were no geeks that night AHAHAHA

Yep that's all. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... after all :P

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Mickel Geroge said...

You are really looking beautiful and I can see in your photographs that it was a real fun prom night. I also loved your prom decorations as they were simple and decent.