Saturday, December 21, 2013

October Coffee House

Hello! I am back from Chinaaaa :D

I'm not being ungrateful but the tour that we joined to Guilin, China was pretty awful :O It was mostly spending time travelling in a bus (longest ride was 7 to 8 hours whalao), sleeping in the bus, and eating verrrrry greasy food! The sceneries were supposed to be nice and breathtaking but they were all blurred by a thick smog/haze (from Beijing D:<) 

So yesterday I decided to treat myself after the tiring holiday ahahahaha :D

Siaw and I went to try out a cafe at Peak Vista. It's called the October Coffee House. Saw some pretty good reviews about the place and we decided to give it a go (both of us bored to death during the holidays ahahaha)

The shop is located on the first floor and it's quite easy to spot. The cafe is small, but yet cosy, and I love the wall with the black and white tree canvas!

Got a few pictures of the shop. I bet it's a really nice place to chit chat with your friends over a nice cup of coffee, or a hot pot of tea!

The owner of the shop and his son, fixing up some magic hahaha

That's their entire menu written on the blackboard above their heads! They don't have a wide variety of food as the shop focuses on serving brewed coffee and tea. The fresh juices look tempting as well! hahaha They have brunch specials where you can add on a drink for a cheaper price :D

Inner part of the shop

Siaw and I sat at the station top? Counter top? What do you call it =___=  ahaha There were only about 3 or 4 tables where you can sit together in a group (of 4 -6). Since there were only 2 of us we just sat at the ... place near their work stations AHAHA great glimpse of how they made our drinks though. It's a bonus! heheh

I wanted to order the brunch sets (snack + Americano/Tea/juice) but quickly changed my mind when I saw Caramel Macchiato on the list :D I ordered it once in Starbucks last time and it tasted sooooo good. When i ordered the second time it tasted so badddd that I hated the taste of the whole drink (maybe the mixed something wrong idk)

But this shop redeemed this drink HAHAHA Bravo! It was so smooth and I loved how thick and creamy the coffee was :3 I wanna have one right now omgggggg

Iced Caramel Macchiato Rm9.80
I have finally found a place to have nicely-crafted coffee in KK! Usually I just go for the usual kopi ping or kopi O in coffee shops, and occasionally I would spend a little in Starbucks, but I guess I have another alternative now! So happy that there's finally a nice coffee place! HOORAY!

I have no idea why I keep ending every paragraph with bravos and hoorays and yays -.- Not very happy also. Okay maybe happy because finally got nice coffee HAHAHA enough.

Not a big fan of coffee? Fret not!! Siaw ordered this!

Green Tea Latte Rm7.80
I didn't try it but Siaw that it was okay! hahaha I love the mugs that they use :D See the teaspoon also cute hahaha

A girls' day out is never complete without a selfie HAHAHA see this Siaw dress up so nice and I look so bad beside her =____= Didn't put much thought into appearance lately as I think I am overweight and too blessed with pimples ohmai

Pretty lady takes more pictures

Fatso has neck fats HAHAHA bad angle :(

Korean Street Toast Rm7.80
The filling's some ham and tomato and omelette I think. The bread smelled really nice and fresh!

Bruschetta RM9.80
I lovvvvve how salty the bruschetta was! hahaha The topping's beef, some sauce and (as in picture) a whole slab of cheese! Great for those who are not bothered to get fat (like me)

The overall vibe of the cafe is reallllly good! The pricing for their food and drinks are reasonable, considering the quality, taste, and freshness of it. Would definitely go back and have another drink from their menu!

October Coffee House
Jalan Signal Hill Park 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 
Telephone: 088-346 954
Operating Hours: 11:00 - 22:00

Go and give it a try! :)

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