Monday, November 18, 2013

When it all falls apart

Sometimes you can't really understand why things happen when they happen.

Like how I was unable to update my blog since last Thursday. I had planned every post. Convo, prom, surprise parties. But somehow the internet line just wouldn't let me upload a single picture.

I decided that today I was going to start studying for the retake paper. Calculus is not exactly my favourite subject, and until now I have no idea why I opted to re-sit for this paper again. But then, I still have to do my best.

Failed in doing integration questions. Seeked the companion website (for the textbook) for help.

I forgot my password.

Got my password back after many attempts.

Internet line too slow.

Finally found the link to Mathematics T Calculus.

Clicked link for the solutions.

And I sat here an hour waiting for the pdf file to load, but it's still blank..


You cannot imagine how frustrated I am.

You cannot imagine the pain I have kept buried in my heart since the few months of revision and revision and exams and more exams.

I don't think it's my brain that is going to explode, it's my heart.

Yes, indeed I feel, very pathetic.

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