Friday, October 25, 2013

SUDDEN ABDATE: Post Convocation Post

I is back!!! *evil laughs*

But not for good. I guess you guys know why so do bear with me. I promise to give you guys a bear hug when I get back.

Virtual bear hug, that is. hehe

Yesterday was the upper six convocation, a ceremony to end our 18-month torture in glam! Okay maybe not much glam, but at least... in style? But I cannot say in style also since we all wore graduation robes that made us look pregnant or like one of the students from Harry Potter (supposed to be but noooooo #macamyes). hahaha

But still it was a way to make our form six life memorable, a second to look back and say, 'I've survived!!!!' and think of what I've achieved (and failed) for the past one year and a half.

I remember the first day of lower six orientation. I remember how I pulled a sour face when I stepped in the auditorium, and didn't want to talk to anyone (even my friends) because I resented being there. I was totally unhappy at the beginning of lower six. I felt I didn't belong to that place at all, and every day I would try to find ways to escape. Applying for more scholarships, seeking for other pre-u alternatives. None worked. Praying hard. That kind of worked. At that time, it was the only thing I can do.

Fast forward a few months later, I was having the time of my life. Homework, assignments, and extra activities piled up. Yes, hectic, but it was fun having the whole class going crazy with you, sharing ideas (and answers) with each other. Aside from our classes, we ate, played, and laughed together. People whom I thought were the most alien-est kind of humans compared to me, ended up being friends that I don't think I would forget for eternity.

So that makes me an alien too, yes? 

The teachers that have taught me throughout this journey, are all inspirations and life guardians. Not only have they given us knowledge and patience, they added elements of fun in between. Who knew that I would actually like my teachers hahahaha

Our brain tends to remember more of the happy things than the sad. Most frustrations and anger and sorrow, are usually flooded away with joyful memories, made by happy and genuine people :) I have met the best people in this past 18 months. It was a short 18 months back in secondary school, but God has blessed me with soooooo much, compared to the first 5 years when I was there.

Who would have ever expected that? hehehe

A candid from yesterday. hahaha More pictures will be up sooooooon

We have less than 2 weeks to our final semester 3 exam!! Do keep us all in your prayers! After this we are all free and happy people! WOOHOO!!

I will see you (stalkers) lateeeeeeer!

*back to hiatus mode*

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