Thursday, August 8, 2013

Raya Break Mission: Watch Korean movies

The head of form six will not be happy if he finds out about this. He specifically told us to utilize these good old two weeks to study for the final semester.

I didn't listen.
I never listen.

Spent most of time resting my mind (another term for being lazy) and .... doing some exercise HAHAHA biggest joke of the year.

No seriously I went to school for volleyball practice.
Now that is a first *slapsfacetocheckifitsadream*

Watched tons of movies shown on HBO and Fox.

Got some movies from Shnwei and Siaw since ... well I don't know since when. It has been stuck in the hard drive for a loooooong time.

First up is  a movie called 오싹한 연애. Okay I have no idea what that is but in English it's Chilling Romance or Spellbound

 오싹한 연애  Chilling Romance or Spellbound

I think it was released in 2011 or something :OOO But okay lah still can watch. I never really liked horror movies / any movie that involves ghosts or vampires or whatever but surprisingly I liked this one.

Because every scary part was funny.

Until you have no idea whether you are laughing out of fright or because the scene was really funny -.-

But at least you don't get really scared HAHAHA

The show has a pretty impressive cast as well.

Okay most of the scenes involve only the two lead characters. The rest maybe only got like, 10 minutes screen time in total lol and you can see ghost flying here and there (not true)

Lead male was played by Lee Min Ki!

He was the one who died in Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (okay not exactly the best way to put it) lalalala favourite dude in the drama. Yes, though he died early he still can be favourite okay.

Lead female was played by Son Ye Jin. Well played I must say! It's not an easy role to play given that you have to act like as if there is really a ghost behind a person and go all pale in like, one second.

Next show... I just finished watching this like half an hour ago HAHAHA


Featuring Miss A's Suzy and Uhm Tae Woong!! My favourite dude from the 2 Days 1 Night variety show HAHAHA Oh, the other favourite is Joo Won but that was after they changed the cast.

Nice movie! I like it since it's about architecture and stuff. And the house that they built on Jeju Island is like WWWAAAAAAH SUPER NICE!!! Love the fact that the sequence of the movie is in playback mode? It's like they show you what's happening now, and what happened 10 years ago, and keep switching back and forth. I loooove those kind of movies it just makes you very confused so you have to focus a bit more hahaha

Right I mentioned the house was very nice eh?

This is the living room of the house. Imagine a house by the sea, with a huge window like that. Can die already. 
In KK sure die.... die of UV rays.

The house is now made into a cafe. CAN YOU BELIEBIT? (source)

AAAWWWWW :( If it wasn't made into a cafe I would probably start saving money so I could buy it. Oh well.

One place to visit when in Jeju HAHAHA


I also watched Les Miserables on Wednesday evening and I have to sing that it was SSSSSOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!

So, any movies to recommend? I still have some in my hard disc :)


-Brian- said...

I would recommend Les Miserables, but you already watched it.. ;)

Alysasasasasa said...

borrow u my harddisk n u see wad u want :DDD