Monday, August 5, 2013

Abdate: When you feel different

Do ignore the title HAHAHA Recently I have been feeling very giddy and I tend to bounce (it's jumping for other people, bouncing for me HAHA) a lot. I have no idea why but I just feel a teeny bit different. Too much coffee maybe? I don't know. Might also be post-exam-stress-flush. What?

Went out with half of the Fifits after the exam! :) Marie and Aly are back from the west side of the country HAHAHA Met up at Share Tea, Lintas after leaving Centre Point because it was over-crowded and stuffy. :( I looooved Share Tea when it was in Centre Point. Not sure if it still tastes the same now that they relocated :/ My drink the other day was meh.

Siaw and Marie lalal with matching coloured baju

The oddballs. HAHA or should I say the VERY single people.

Yeah ah I emphasize oh the VERY haha okay maybe it's just me lah because I have no idea whether the other two are single or not hehehe *sings Single Ladies*

Holidays have started!! This time we have our one week school break plus an additional week of Raya holidays!! WHOOOOO!!!! So we have two weeks of laziness!!! YAY!! Seems like just last month when we had our Mid year break. Why so fast one? I thought Form Six was gonna last forever but I'm already in my third semester now. Time flies like this fly, maybe?

Random but appropriate photo lol taken with still hands using my new camera!! YES!! I finally have a new camera *shouts* I will make a post soon (about the old and new cams) but I have to say ah the fly (is it a fly?) is just the size of a speck please!! The leaves are actually those tiny leaves that are only slightly longer than a 5 sen coin :OOO

I'm trying to say that the macro is amazinggggggaburgerchickennugget.

Chop chop. That's all

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