Sunday, August 25, 2013

Abdate: Of things unpredicted

Hectic, HECTIC week back at school.

I don't know if the teachers are just trying to drown us with work or we have lazed around too much during the holidays.

Halfway through the week I have forgotten that this week was the week right after raya.

Right now my homework is still in my bag, and I have no intention to finish any.

Yes, lazy.

What I need to do, and what I need not do. Blogging was not a priority, but then I decided not to miss another Abdate.

This week has been TOO happening for me and I think I need a quiet break today.

Until I slowly pick up the pieces that I shattered this week (wait for me!), a blog post will be up to cover it all.

Oh yeah, in the midst of all this !@#$%^&*(), I fell sick.

Such is life.

Let's hope for a good Monday (Mondays are never good, in Garfield comics. Which I love.)

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