Friday, August 16, 2013

Abdate: Last week of holidays!

I am so tired right now I am typing in delusion mode.

I was assisting in a holiday club in church today and later on went out with the church gang and came home for dinner. My plan was to finish up our (it's a group project) chemistry PBS after dinner and later on continue to watch some drama but the plan was totally spoiled!! In the midst of finishing up the report we realized that EACH of us were suppose to pass up an individual report, and not a group one. TT______TT And every report has to be different so I had to start from scratch *inserts more crying emoticons*

Now I am almost done but I just can't continue anymore!! My brain is wrecked from waking up early this morning, continuous focus on the kids in holiday club, and also yamcha-ing with the gang. AAARRRGGGGH Yes I know I told you guys already but I have no mood to hit the backspace button thank you.

I am here to cheer myself up. If you are wondering why I am not sleeping right now ... I have to pick up my brother from youth meeting in about fifteen minutes so I can't go to bed -.- Otherwise he would be stuck in church forever and I'd only wake up when the sun rises.

I have to go for the holiday club again tomorrow and dash off to volleyball practice after pnw session. Ohhhmai.

This is what usually happens to the last week of my holidays. Everrrrrry time. Last week was so laid back and easy for me but this week was just pump-pump-pump outings after outings after outings. Sorry but I didn't touch a single book at all this week.

Last Sunday, the youths went out for Pizza with their cash vouchers. They won it in the Talent Night we had that Friday and they decided to go out together for a celebration. WWWHOOO!! I wasn't in any of their groups but I was the emcee of the night so I joined in HAHAHAHA FREE FOOD!!

Cash Vouchers and pretty ladies ahem.

The whole bunch. Faith and Elaine not in pic cz they went to get the movie tickets.

Adele (the other emcee) also crashed the partaaaay

The girls. My gun pose is me acting cute =___=

On Tuesday Audrey and Shnwei came over to my place to finish (or rather, to start) the Chemistry PBS. It was more procrastinating than actually working HAHAHA but we did get most of the things done. 

Had Japanese food for lunch. Yums.

Audrey asked us to join her family at a little beach party. Her mom cooked all the food aaaaaah thank you auntie!!!! As usual I was late to the event HAHAHA because I had practice in the morning lalalala But at least I did help them sweep away most the leftoversssssss NOT!

Ae ze bich

Yesterday, my brother and I went to Mamutik Island with my uncle and aunt. I haven't been to the island for almost a decade HAHAHA

Mamutik Island is famous for its corals which is a great spot for snorkelling and diving as well! The island was flooded with locals and tourists mainly from China and Korea. Snorkelling was really fun and I guess I got carried away T____T


It hurts so bad I can't even.

That's me with my feet up hahaha lousy me. I wore the life jacket because it was much more easier for me to float on the water. I didn't want to step on any of the corals :OO so wearing the float helped me refrain from stepping them. Price to pay is my bakar-ed legs TT______TT

Random Korean tourists waiting at the jetty. If it's you in the picture do drop a comment hehehe

That's me after washing up. I was too afraid to get sunburnt like before. I guess I should have worn the scarf around my legs :(

We spent more than half a day on the island. Came back super tired. I went out with ma to get some stuff for the party packs at night. Drop dead in sleep after that.

Woke up this morning for the holiday club. Chaos taking care of the kids but it was great fun. Was supposed to hang out in Lintas after that. Changed venue to City Mall. Ended up in Fook Yuen located in a Mitsubishi building some place after City Mall. Oh well.

I am starting to like shaky pictures.
I think it's as artistic as some Spongebob underwear.

Okay, not exactly the best comparison HAHAHA

Have a great weekend/ last day of holidays!

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