Friday, July 19, 2013

Semester 2: Epilogue

This is the end of STPM Semester 2. The official epilogue (wah need or not?) because the results came out on Monday, and I am glad to say once again that I need not opt for any re-sit :D


Results were similar to my semester 1 results but I did drop in CGPA :( AND also lost an A! Of which I was pretty disappointed because I was confident enough to psycho myself that I would get an A in Pengajian Am but I ended up with a B+. Oh well, life goes on. Keep calm and read more newspapers. Apart from myself I believe that my classmates and fellow STPM students improved a mile this semester! I saw more happy faces this time hehehe compared to the results release of Sem 1 when everyone looked like they just came back out hell and had to walk to school D:

No I am not lying. Most of us were happy this time. Our hard work paid off. Those horrible sleepless nights were so worth it after seeing As in your grade.

Overall I am happy. Less in disbelief (compared to sem 1), but satisfied that I managed to pass all my subjects. I have to say that I have a tiny bit of regret for not striving harder. Because I know that I am able to do better, but I didn't try hard enough.

There's no turning back, is there? All I can do know is put a million ton of effort into this final semester (the real epilogue HAHA) and regret no more.

Yes, there is nothing to boast about passing but I give God the glory! For He knows what is best for me :)

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