Monday, July 8, 2013

Life through a phone camera 2

As promised, this is the second part of life through a phone camera! YAY!! I feel like a badass good blogger because I actually fulfilled my promise. hahaha Come to think of it I have been blogging for almost five years now *shock face* but I have never cashed out from Nuffnang pffffft. Epic fail.

Five years of eye blood and sweat and wrist cramps but I never got even a single cent from blogging TT_______TT Nevermind, no one read my blog then I read it myself HAHAHA

And no I am not changing the ways I blog because, this is how I roll brothaaaa! It's like talking to myself hahaha and trust me I do talk like this in real life. Well, sort of. If I was given a chance to write essays like this in school I would.

Actually I can do that but my teachers would probably slap big Fs on the papers. 

Okay, so this is the first half of 2013. Not much to share because it was a really busy first half :( Photos are almost in random order. By almost I mean that it's.... kind of in order HAHAHA

Taken in Adele's NS camp when we went to visit her hehehe The whole camp ground actually looks good but there were too little trees and hence, the super hot 30000000 degree UV ray sun

Chinese New Year Eve dinner. We got a power cut that day lah so bad D:
Me and my cousin during CNY

Pictures of the Fifits during CNY :) Taken in Aly's house

More camwhoring. I have no idea why I like to smile like that. I don't even know if it's qualified as a smile -.-

In Michelle's house. She's the one in the red dress HAHAHA

World's most expensive pizza. And there's nothing boastful about it except that it is insanely small and overpriced.

Marie & I at Party Play.

When Marie's back I don't have to drive WHEEEEE!!!! Here she had 8 lives on her hands HAHAHA

My brother during our Louis Pang photoshoot!!

CNY dinner at Liana's house. The dishes were prepared by her mom and brother

Etude House hand creams! I think I posted this before but... they're too cuteeeee!

My team's dish during the cooking competition in our youth. This is called 'The Lord's Supper' hehehe it was gone within seconds so I guess it's kindda yummy?

Birthday dinner @ Aubergine. I totally forgot what is this but all I know that it's really yummy. I like this restaurant!!!

School's badminton competition organized by the form six badminton committee. I have never liked badminton zzz just saying

Pan Mee prepared by my aunt :D

Easter Sunday wheee oh I designed the blur t-shirt btw hehehe it's our GS Kids' workers uniform


Fifit's outing and later dinner at Sailors' Cafe, Rainfield.

The seven sexaaaaaay ladies

Nasi Kerabu party we had in church one day! hehehe How dyu eat it? Uhmm.. you actually mix everything up here on the plate with your hands and then eat with your hands WHHOOOO!! It actually tastes quite good but I think I put too much of the bunga kantan and felt like barfing after a few bites. :/
And what is my phone archive without....


Come to think of it I think this picture was taken when Taec & his fake wife went to Everland for a We Got Married shoot... while the girl went up that wooden roller coaster and he didn't because he said he would get a headache HAHAHA But I dunno lah MAYBE AH MAYBE.

But then the girl should have begged him to go up and not ditch him at the waiting area lah please... lousy pffffffft. But still she got to go to Everland with TAEC FATSO YEON @#$%^&*()

So his real wife is like...



Picture taken when I was too bored and got frustrated because I can't do maths :(


So there ya have it!! (: I guess there will be more to come hehehe Cut my hair yesterday! Just saying...

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