Thursday, July 11, 2013

Class Party @ Tg. Aru Beach 2

Monday was a holiday for our school because we had a concert on Saturday and they decided that we should have a rest day after months of preparation torment! YESSSS!!! Not that I did anything for the concert (didn't perform, didn't even go) but who doesn't like a sudden free day? hahaha

Audrey (class vice-monitor) decided that it would be a good day to have a class outing... at the beach -.-

Nope it's not that I have anything against the beach but considering my horrible previous visit with low tide and all the rubbish and pampers gushed up on the sand, I was sort of reluctant in fear of getting the same dirty beach I saw a month ago TT_________TT

And of course there were other reasons not to go ie. PERFECT TIME TO GO SHOPPING IN AN EMPTY MALL!! I love the malls on early weekdays because the entire mall is almost empty and you can stroll to your hearts content! and I would have also loved to stay at home and watch tv all day.

Hello anti-social + couch potato alert!

Okay, I went in the end. BUT I WAS LATE HAHAHA Because The Vow was showing on HBO and I can't resist!! It's a vvvvvveeeeerrrrrryyyy good movie and if you haven't watched it yet I suggest you do before ... well, before you regret!! It was a barbeque pot-luck and I brought ice-cream potong for dessert. 

To my horror everyone was on time =_____= these science students are so obedient HAHAHA and everyone actually showed up!! I think it's because of Audrey's deadly threat and no one dared to say 'sorry mom I can't go to the beach on Monday'. Even our class teacher didn't dare to not go! Okay she's not that scary but she did give us a warning hahaha We still love you, Aud.

And I guess this is the first time I fell in love with the beach in Tanjung Aru (there I said it!!). I love the beach in Kudat because its sand is always white and fluffy and the water is like blue-ish green but I have never really liked Tg. Aru beach because it's always dirty and packed with people, and dogs, and the smell of garbage. The beach I saw on Monday totally turned the tables for me. It was clean. The sand was cleaner. The water so clear that you can actually see fishes (and jellyfish) swimming around. Of course there were rubbish here and there but it was definitely a mile better than a month ago (where I didn't know where to hide my face in front of the tourists because they came to a garbage dump, not a beach)

So I immediately went down to the waters and got pretty wet :O And then I found out that most of my classmates didn't bring an extra change of clothes because no one mentioned about getting wet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?! I don't remember any time that I did not bring extra clothes to the beach they have got to be kidding me =____= sometimes I even bring along 2 sets in fear of people throwing me into the sea after I change (Imissyougoodsamyouthseniors)

Here are some pictures I took, though it's not much .... 

Pointless picture. Note the waters and sky!

Classmates working on the barbeque :)

Psyduck & I lalalala

Another pointless picture. Photography skills are on rusty mode

Aside from not having extra clothes to change, my classmates were extremely lazy when it came to beach activities. So okay maybe they didn't want to get dirty because they didn't have extra clothes but most of them just stayed under the shade most of the time! Until some of the girls got bored (maybe) and we decided to play volleyball. Okay, maybe it should be called passing-the-volleyball

We also played a game where we had to spin 20 times and try to walk in a straight line to reach the volleyball HAHAHHA

I guess I was the one who spent most of the time under the sun and hence, got a massive sunburn. I did put on sunblock on my entire body in fact but I was really burnt, to a crisp. I don't know why and I suspect the sunblock is expired/ washed away in sea water. My thighs were all red when I went home and my neck and shoulders were burning. My brother called me 'chicken bakar' (Burnt chicken) when I went home HAHAHA 

Up till today my shoulders, neck and upper thighs are still flaming red. I am also tanned right now, surprisingly. I am actually secretly glad I got this tanned because I was so fair a few months back I looked like a living fat marshmallow D: It's not even funny I sometimes wonder why I was that fair :( and people kept asking me if I did any whitening treatment, of which I didn't! Come on lah who would do whitening on their thighs? You want tofu legs? Now I am still a fat marshmallow, but ready to be made into a S'more HAHAHA

Ohai tanning companion lmao

I think all of us failed in posing HAHAHA

And of course we had group photos. My classmates are surprisingly good when it comes to posing for the continuous 10 shots HAHAHA But I'll just give you three

That's all!!


Follow me on Twitter for my every day fat updates. I very fat now okay HAHAHA nope it's not funny it's true so I have decided to tweet about it? Will try to exercise at least once a week but it sometimes is impossible, because school is so hectic and by the time I reach home, I just wanna rest and sleep D: So, please pray that my fats will miraculously evaporate from my body.

And no, the sun just gives you a tan, but does not make fats evaporate (sad case)

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