Saturday, July 6, 2013

Abdate - Zombies vs. Minions

Went to the cinemas twice in a week!!

My family and I watched World War Z on Wednesday night. It's movie night here on Wednesdays so Nick and I begged our parents to bring us along to their movie date HAHAHA Nolah, they planned to watch it with my uncle and aunt + cousin and her husband so it wasn't just the two of them lol

 I THOUGHT BRAD PITT WAS THE ZOMBIE!!! But he wasn't -.- My friends told me that this was a scary zombie show and that they couldn't sleep after that but it didn't turn out that bad. In fact, I think the zombies weren't scary at all but rather funny HAHAHA One of them was banging the wall for like, 5 seconds of the show! It's more of jump scares and sudden screaming but it's nowhere near 'I WANNA GO HOME NOW MOMMY TAKE ME HOME!!!' pee in your pants kind of scary. The storyline was kind of predictable but good movie though. Had a great laugh (oh my weirdo Abby you laugh in a zombie movie?)

This movie scored a 7/10 for me. Points to the zombie make up and derp faces but it had its letdowns when it came to zombie computer graphics (is that what you call it?)

And now.... the long awaited movie. I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS FOR NINE YEARS!!! NINE FOX TAIL YEARS. You know what is a lie ahem. Maybe it's like two years? TWO YEARS!!!!!!!

Okay maybe not exactly 2 years but the moment when this trailer came out lah, which was like the beginning of 2012 or so.

 And this minions and minions, has been my anthem for the entire 2012, and first half of 2013.

So I was really excited when it came out!!! Went to watch with Shnwei yesterday after school and we had to rush for Chemistry tuition after that. You would never believe it but we were stuck in the city jam for almost an hour. AHHHHHH!!! My leg was sore after that hello manual cars are not ideal for traffic jams EVEEEERRR!!

I have a confession to make. I didn't watch Despicable Me. I did watch bits here and there but never the entire movie in one go. But who says you must watch the first one, then the second? No one, right?? 

The Minions don't even get bigger or fatter in Despicable Me 2 so I guess it doesn't make much difference hahahahaha The only difference is when they were injected with the PX 40 something and became purple UGLY monsters during the movie..

Ugly Minion on the right. For the first time in my life I preferred something yellow to something purple.

After watching the show, I feel one with the Minions HAHAHA probably because they are very annoying, like myself. Another similarity is that they like bananas too, and they can speak some weird language HAHAHA The movie overall was quite good but in the middle I was a bit sleepy for some reason. I don't know if it's because of the plot or because I was tired :(

But a great show to watch with your family and friends! And kids if you have any!! The kid (not my kid ah please) beside me chuckled like mad I was afraid that she would spill her popcorn.

Anyways, some Minion spam for you hahaha

Gelato yi ga show!

FAAAALALALA This is how you should propose to a minion lmao


If any of you are in McDonalds right now they still have these toys in stock. GRAB THEM WHILE YOU CAN!!! GRAB MANY IF YOU CAN!! We went to McD after the show but the first three Minions that were released this week were all sold out :( NUUUUUUUUU Please do get me one if you are in McD pleaaaaaase!! I'll buy you a banana!!!

I have to say that as much I love the Minions and Agnes that cute little kid, I think World War Z was a better movie if you put it alongside Despicable Me 2. Perhaps I was expecting too much from DP2 (the trailer was just too good) Yes it was funny and all but if I compare it with Epic, I'd like Epic more because it was funny AND mind-opening. lalalalala

Zombies win.


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