Monday, July 1, 2013

Abdate - Me Before You

You know, sometimes I get too engrossed in a fiction, I tend to get lost in that world and leave behind my real world.

Makes sense? 

Of course not.

I don't exactly like to imagine myself in Twilight (believe me I am not much of a Vampire fan), but I always, always get too immersed in stories that are very.... real. Like plain old simple stories of a girl and a guy, with their dogs etc. Stories that everyone can fit in, without getting bitten by a vampire.

And this week I have been reading this.


Yeah I know it has been on the shelf for maybe a year or so but it's still veryyyyyyyy good. At least, half of the book is. I haven't got to the last part of the book but I sense it's going to be good. And I hope I am right :)

So the story is about Lou, a girl who lives a simple life as a waitress in a cafe.. until the cafe closed down and she was left jobless (obviously). She took on a job as a carer for a quadriplegic named Will Traynor. So in this story, he is paralysed from chest down, sits in a wheelchair (probably one like Stephen Hawking's) and doesn't hope for his future at all. This Will guy is seriously emo about his situation and wants to kill himself, which of course Lou steps in to help realize that he has reasons to live.

AND THAT'S ALL LALALALA I'M GONNA GO READ IT NOW. I will try to update when I reach the end!! :D

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pinjam semasa saya sem break lo haha