Sunday, June 9, 2013

Flower Boy Next Door

No I have no handsome neighbours TT_____TT

Spent my second (and last) week of my holidays watching another Korean drama. My parents would probably be very disappointed if they knew (well actually they DO know) I spent most of my time glued to the computer screen watching this. But then, it's my way of releasing that half a year of horrid stress. I have not watched any Korean dramas during the entire STPM Semester 2. That is, not a joke. So this is my way of payback hahahaha


The drama is called Flower Boy Next Door. I guess it's another installment to TVN's Flower Boy series. Previous dramas include the very funny Flower Boy Ramen Shop and also the very cool Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.

Now tell me, which hormone-raging girl can stop herself from watching dramas that include several hot guys? HAHAHAHA not me.

Flower Boy Next Door stars KIM TAKGU!! Okay his real name is actually Yoon Si Yoon :D but whatever. I always refer to him as Kim Takgu because of the drama Love, Bread and Dreams. He is also on a variety show called Barefoot Friends which is very, very entertaining I cannot stop laughing every time I watch.

In fact, his gestures and comments are so funny and memorable in Barefoot Friends I CANNOT GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD. And when I watch him playing a serious scene in FBND I end up laughing because I remember him doing the ugly ah-pek dance in the variety show =_____=

Yes it's a spoiler HAHAHAHA

The female lead is Park Shin Hye, of which I kind of like since You've Fallen for Me. I love her character in this drama! And I like her room too hehehe full of books and not to mention, she sleeps in a sleeping bag in the drama lol

Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye lalalala

So the story is about Go Dong Mi (Park Shin Hye) finding her way to step out from her fears of the outside world with help from Enrinque Geum (Yoon Si Yoon). Go Dong Mi basically locks herself up in her room and doesn't like human interaction ... at all. She is also very frugal because she doesn't turn on the heater in her room (even in winter) and have many ways to save on water/electricity bills. Because of her mysteriousness, she attracted attention from her neighbour living in the same apartment, Jin Lak who is played by Kim Ji Hoon. And this Jin Lak dude stalked her for three years HAHAHA and actually had feelings for her but never confessed.

This guy!

Go Dong Mi is also a stalker HAHAHA not in a bad way. She always peeps through her window and watches the person opposite her apartment. This is kind of cool hahaha because the guy never found out and I think it would be quite a thrill to stalk someone like that. Not that I'm going to do it but... it sounds/looks fun! Her stalking act was actually stopped by Enrique Geum when he moved into that apartment (the owner is his cousin brother)

The drama reveals how Go Dong Mi slowly learns how to interact with others and not to be so afraid of meeting people, and viewers also find out why she locked herself up in the first place. The rest of the drama is Yoon Si Yoon making funny noises and acting cute in front of both men, and Park Shin Hye. HAHAHAHA

Click here to read more about the drama

The storyline is nothing to boast about. I guess the front few episodes were very interesting and I had heaps of curiosity. The last few episodes were mostly fillers, but with many fascinating metaphores and monologues (this sounds like literature class HAHAHA). So I can say that it wasn't boring for me because I liked the way the script was written but it can be boring to some. The ending was not lousy, but it could be better. The reason I like this drama is because of the settings, and how the entire cast is so compatible with each other. It really feels like as if these neighbours (in the drama) are actually a real family.

I rate this drama a 6/10 :) because it didn't surpass my expectations :( I liked both previous installments of the Flower Boy series so I had high hopes for this one. I guess it's true when they say that with great hopes come great disappointments HAHAHA

So that is all from me! Kind of happy that I managed to watch 2 dramas during the holidays. Could have watched more but I also wanted to do some other stuff instead of the catching up! School starts tomorrow and I am .... I DON'T WANNA GO TO SCHOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! *SAD FACE*

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