Monday, June 24, 2013

Abdate - Teachers' Day

Last Friday was Teachers' Day in our school and every year, the form six students are in charged of organizing the whole thing. I wasn't put in-charge of anything because I missed all the meetings (for some personal reasons I should not mention) so I was kind of free-and-easy before the event.

Until I had a crazy brainzap and decided that I should step up and do something about the form six performance. Every year the organizing committee has to come up with a simple item for the teachers. Last year the seniors sang a song and mime. I was assuming that all of us would be dragged on stage to do the exact same thing this year. And I don't want to. That was how I sort of volunteered to .... do a dance -.-

Yes I am that crazy. Must be the Burger King I had the night before.

AND THEN COMES THE HEADACHE. The song. The dance moves. The students. MY WORRIES. I am not exactly the calmest person on Earth, in fact I always over think stuff. I over think too much. In a very negative way. How many students are going to show up? Will the teachers like it? Will the entire form six hate me if I blew up this whole performance? Am I going to put the whole form six into shame? Will I be laughed at by the juniors?

I had one week. ONE WEEK. Less than 10 hours of practice. To get everything ready. My friend and I made the dance moves as easy as possible so that whoever wants to join in CAN join in. Some of the ideas were replaced by last minute decisions. Sacrifice, yes. All of us sacrificed.

After all that chaos, the three minutes we had on stage was a blast. There were hits and misses, but overall it was fine and truly a moment that we (okay maybe just me) can keep forever. 

So here I say a huge THANK YOU! to those who performed. Thank you Douglas who helped me with the moves, to Tabitha who helped me think of different ideas and for assisting me in this whole thing. Thank you Mei Ling who calmed me down when I almost banged my head on the walls of the stage T___T Thank youuuuuu and you and you and you and you. Yes. You know who you are. Thank you Jesus for standing beside me.

Glad that the teachers liked it as well :D YAY!


The haze in KK is getting worse and I can smell smoke almost everywhere I go =___= EVEN IN MY ROOM. My aunt in KL  sent a message in our group chat this morning telling us that she found a dead bat on her garbage bin. It's so sad to know that we humans who caused the whole haze problem can sit comfortably in our shelter while the animals and plants have to suffer AND DIE T______T No, I am not an animal lover, but I still have a heart.

At least one that cares more about the trees and birds than money.

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