Friday, May 31, 2013

Life through a phone camera

You guys know how much I love taking pictures. Typical Asian hahaha But yes, I really do love taking pictures. With my phone and with my camera. Since my camera died on me (the shutter is overworn I think), I have been using my phone's camera more than before. The pictures turn out fine but it doesn't deliver as well as my camera (what do you expect, woman?)

Yesterday I was going through the pictures gallery and realized that I have actually captured many random events (and food) throughout this whole year (of owning my phone). So today, I'm gonna share it with you guys!!

So here it is, my life through a camera (doesn't make any sense zzzz) Please prepare a napkin because most pictures are of... FOOD FOOD FOOD!!

I am not joking look at the first one.

Nasi Briyani with Mutton curry from Anak Mami, Lintas.
After this picture was taken, we went there to eat at least... once a month? hahaha But now it doesn't look (or taste) as yummy, but still good :)

Me and Nick at a dinner or something lalalala

During STPM Sem 1 when all of us were stressed!! Wao why my hair so messy -.-

Leftover Kimbap from KL of which my kaufu (my mom's brother) asked my grandparents to bring back for me. Awwww thank you for making me fat as I am :D

Banana pancakes (so predictable) from Pancake International, Karamunsing.

The Mooting Crew lalala

My phone was often used for male-camwhoring HAHAHAHA

During 7K Run last year. Idk what was Audrey trying to do zzz

Picture of pictures lalala Yes that was the last of my Toy Story film T_____T

Sweets from Niagara Falls.

ZenQ signature.
You will see more of these desserts LOL Cannot eat them now because pearls are banned at the moment because they found a poisonous ingredient (according to my dad) called Maleic acid, which is an additive that .... errr.... makes the pearls/noodles chewy #chemistryfail

The receptionists for Prom 2012. hehehehe

More pictures of pictures taken during Prom :D

Oksusu special from Black Ball. I forgot the actual name zzz

Special Shinee Lip Balm we got for Shnwei's birthday just because Shinee Minho's signature is printed underneath the product.

Tung Po Nyuk my grandma made.

Now back to the maleic acid poison thingee... my dad read from the papers that if you eat a lot of pork fats (like the picture above) or chicken feet it might help you flush out the maleic acid in your body. Because it's gelatin or something I don't know lalala but I do love FAT PORK FAT PORK.

Nachos? In Australia.

I want one nowwwww

My lunch after that mad cycling tour

had no chance to try the dips BUT THEY LOOK SOOOOO YUMMY!! This was in the famous Victoria Market, Melbourne!

Spongebob cake they sell in the supermarkets in Australia @#$%^&*() WHY KK DON'T HAVE?!
Hot Cocoa from Billy Baxter's

HAHA Yen Ling if you ever see this picture. It's your Pho shop in Australia lalala

The amount of Ramen that can feed a kampung HAHAHA

My pizza!!

Jajjangmyeon from a food court

I forced my brother to take a pic with the One Direction shop HAHAHA

Free Cotton On cupcakes because ... it was an opening?

Subway Chicken Wrap in the airport.

During the Tam Brothers' farewell. I think they were drenched LOL

During caroling last year when a family we visited gave us colourful golf balls as souvenirs.

Blur Bibimbap picture lalalala

Balloons for the first day of Sunday school. Sucked a lot of helium that day hahaha

Yeap so that's 2012 for you! 2013 pictures coming up (if I am not lazy haha)

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