Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reply 1997

Ohai. Semester 2 finished!! :D *celebrates* But I don't think I did very well. Then again, I think I did badly. Especially that Chemistry paper, of which I think I studied the hardest for.

Right after my exams, I plunged myself into this drama and I finally finished it today!! (This means that I didn't do anything productive at all, since last Thursday. Yes I am like that.)

Oh yeah, the drama I'm talking about is Reply 1997, or you can call it Answers to 1997, or Answer me 1997. Whichever one you like but it's actually called 응답하라 1997 (Eungdabhara 1997).

So am I going to go into the details of the drama? No. In fact, you should watch and realized why I was so engrossed in the whole show I practically spoke English with a Busan accent HAHAHA if you get what I mean -.- It's a drama which I guess all 90s babies can relate to, since the show added many elements of the 90s. The hair, the fashion, the must-haves. For example, that Tamagotchi pet thingy that I begged my parents to get it for me, but fail fail fail. hahaha

A drama worth sitting in front of your computer for hours every day laughing at the crazy sheep baaaaa-ing sound effects they insert during the awkward scenes. hahaha This show is a 10/10 hands down brothaaa

Not forgetting the very lovable cast.

The only upset of the show is that the cast never aged. I mean, they never made them age. They all had they same hairstyle, the same silky face, same lipstick colour since 1997 till 2012. Hello? Funny much? At least draw in some fine lines or something hahaha 

Or maybe....

Make Seo In Guk's hair look like this....

Minus the peace sign that is =_____=

I'm sorry I just had to do it. I like Seo In Guk's curly hair lalalalalala

Okay that's all! Gonna try to be more productive this holiday i.e go jogging instead of having potato chips every afternoon zzz

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