Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 golden ringgggs *ding*

Ohai. Am blogging from my phone again because the semester 2 exam is appraoching and I am too lazy to study now.

Your argument is invalid. What?

Apprently STPM Biology doesn't tell you what hormone rages when you are too stressed during your studies. They also never tell you what you can do/eat to pump up your desire to study. Nor do they show you which drug to take as so to inhibit laziness.

So why are what are we studying, exactly? Exactly.

Oh that's right. HCG. HCG that is present in your pee when you are preggie. I guess they want us to be ready for the future.

Do forgive me. My brain is not my own.

It is definitely not Christmas. In fact, it is nothing like Christmas right now. The only thing that might be close to Christmas is uncertainty. Uncertainty of Santa coming into your home with his fat belly through the chimney is almost similar to the uncertainty of whether or not you will be able to answer the exam questions.

But then again, pfffft what have we got to lose? Santa brings you a toy car, and takes your biscuits. STPM will only take your sleeping hours and torment you with brain-juice-squeezing-but-also-no-use questions.

Yeap, the previous paragraph is of no relevance.

As much as I feel like stomping on my textbooks and tearing my notes, I have almost completed my second semester of the challenging STPM. And that, is a valid reason for me to not give up.

With that, I have 5 more days to make or break this semester. Please do pray for me.

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