Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Late Abdate - Exam!


I have no clue what that means in any kind of language but to me it means 'hi'. Do tell me if you know what Ohaiyo means. I hope it's not a swear or anything like that :/

Currently in the midst of a school exam. Okay it's actually called a trial exam of some sort, and I have sat for 2 papers so far. I have zero confidence in both T_____T I don't even know what to think of the upcoming subjects of which I am gonna sit - Bio and Chem. I bet you get chills even thinking about it. HAHAHA?

Still can laugh oh me, what is wrong with you oh Abby?

I am in a very drowsy state =_____= No I have not eaten any flu medicine, and I think I had enough sleep, but I just don't know why I feel like I have been beaten up by a clan of gangsters. Uhh? Maybe it's because I strained my brain (wow it rhymes hahaha) BUT IT'S UNFAIR!!! Why can't my fats be strained instead of my brain?!?! Then I wouldn't have to go jogging -.-

Speaking of jogs, I beat my personal record... of..

Going jogging twice in a week!! YAYYYYYY!!!

Okay it's kind of lame -.- And I speed-walked more than actual jogging. No fats burnt I bet, can't even beat one session of wushu T____T

But then, it's still progress.

2 more days of torture and I get to be free for a week!! WHEEE!!!

Too sleepy to ty....p...


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