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How to shop on eBay?

Hello! So some of my friends have been asking me how I shop online, particularly on my favourite shopping website, eBay! So here is a simple tutorial on how to purchase an item on eBay :) I hope you guys will find it helpful :D

So this is the homepage for Click on the picture above and it will bring you straight into the page:) I use because it normally shows sellers of which ships goods to Malaysia, and item prices are converted to MYR so it's easier :) 

If you don't have an eBay account, just click register, follow the steps and you would be ready to go! It's as simple as signing up for an email address so I guess all of you can do it! (No kidding even slow people like me can manage hahaha)

Most of the sellers on eBay prefer getting paid via PayPal. In fact, you MUST have a PayPal account if you wanna purchase items off ebay. I came across some sellers who accept other kinds of payments but I guess paypal is one way that is safe and convenient.

Simply sign up for a Paypal account. You can link it to your credit card, debit card or even your bank account! Good thing is that it helps you keep track of your online shopping as well :) Perfect for people like me! hahaha

I am using the Personal account. :)

A personal account allows individuals to BUY online, and also SEND MONEY to other Paypal users. The 'sending money' service requires a small fee. You can read more about it when you register for an account hehehe I once sent money to a friend overseas through paypal and I had to pay an extra RM2 or something. Okay whad RM2 only =___= Otherwise, you need not pay any fees for normal transactions like purchasing stuff on eBay. Good or not?


Once you have registered on BOTH ebay and paypal, you are good to go. I'm gonna show you guys step by step on how to purchase an item off the website. It's kindda easy so hopefully you guys can understand what I am trying to say (Even if you don't just pretend this is a good enough tutorial hahaha)

So what do you wanna buy on ebay? Kung (my grandpa) just got himself a new handphone, the Xperia J and I was thinking of helping him to buy a case online! Okay... so what I'll do is search for 'Xperia J back case'. You can type whatever you want. The important thing is to have keywords :) I am looking for a simple snap-on back case for the phone so I just type in the MODEL and the TYPE. You can also add in keywords like Silicon, hard cover, pink, cartoon etc etc. It's up to you :)

With, search results will first display items sold by Malaysian Sellers. Malaysian sellers usually sell items a bit more expensive, but not always. You can sometimes get a pretty good offers form local sellers via eBay deals. I helped some classmates purchase the Instax Mini 8 on eBay from a Malaysian seller for only RM210.

From the left sidebar, there is a tab called 'Locations'. I usually set it to 'Worldwide' so that I could see all sellers. Now, only displays sellers who are willing to ship items to Malaysia. The price shown will be in MYR (converted from USD/GBP/AUD). 

Here's a tip. I usually purchase items from sellers who are based in Singapore, Hong Kong or China. Hong Kong sellers are usually more efficient, and items will arrive in one month time (free shipping/non-registered mail). China sellers are also efficient, but shipping is normally slower than Hong Kong. This is probably caused by the mail service in China, the way I see it. China is so big and you can just imagine that their central mail room is like their... traffic? I bet that is why it takes a big more time for items to arrive.

The search results will show you the image of the item and location of the seller, along with the payment method, price and shipping. Usually I just click on items with free shipping :) You can also customize your preference using the left sidebar.

So it you see anything you like, just click on the link and it will direct you to the item page.

So the item page will look like this. It will display the price of the item, and also the conversion in MYR. Scroll down the page and you will be able to see the descriptions of the items. Sellers will normally add in their store's T&C at the end of the description. It's good for you to read the T&Cs before purchasing :)

On the right sidebar displays the seller's info and additional info for the chosen item. Take the above item for example. 47 items have been sold thus far, which is not bad :) I usually don't buy items which have not been sold before hahaha The seller has a pretty good rating of 99.5% positive feedback and more than 20K transactions. Trustable? Most Probably. The seller is also rated as a 'Power Seller' by eBay so it's a big plus :) Try to look for sellers who have about 95-100% positive feedback (: Feedbacks are given by buyers like us so it's a good way to find out whether the seller is efficient or not.

Item description

Once you are happy with the item and the seller's T&Cs, then you can click 'Buy It Now' !!

Ebay will ask you to review the item once more.
Once you press 'Commit to Buy', you have purchased the item. The website will then direct you to the 'pay now' page.

You can choose to pay immediately, or whenever you are free. I usually just pay right after I purchased the item so I don't have to worry about it anymore lalala Some sellers require you to pay immediately after purchase.

After clicking 'pay now' you will be directed to a page like this.

This will be a review for your purchase. Check your shipping address and the price that you are about to pay. You can leave the seller a message if you want. Click 'continue' after you have checked all the details and you will enter the paypal page.

Key in your paypal account details (email and password) to log in.

Another review for the purchase. Paypal will display your order total and debit/credit details. The conversion rate of paypal and ebay would be a little bit different. Most times paypal conversion would be more higher. I don't really know why but it's not a big difference so I usually don't mind :) You can sometimes check on the conversion before paying so you can save 10 cents but aiyah.... I don't really care. Sometimes if I'm in the mood I would wait for the conversion to go lower hahaha

Click 'continue' and you will be reverted back to the ebay review page again. Confirm you payment and you are done!!! :)

Then ebay will thank you for making the payment hehehehe

That's all! Simple as pie, right? Sellers will usually message you after they sent your items. You can contact the seller if there are any questions regarding the items.

So that's all for the tutorial :D Any help? (I hope yes haha)

Here are some stuff which I purchased of ebay! My account tells me that I have bought 60 items already D: But I just started purchasing off ebay a year ago!! hahaha I usually buy cheap stuff like phone cases, accessories and ... anything that is cheap?

Penguin case, Less than RM5! Melt case RM7 or something I forgot.. Zebra case less than RM3!!!
Few of the MANY phone cases that I bought HAHAHA. I usually pick cases which are less than RM10. Of course I look at the design and seller ratings. The penguin case in the above picture didn't arrive the first time the seller sent it and he had to resend another one T___T Good thing about ebay sellers is that they resend/ refund if you didn't receive your item/s within a certain timeframe. The zebra case seller resent me another case because the corner of the case was damaged during shipping. Good huh? It might take some time for the items to arrive but it would be fine if it's not urgent :) The thing I like about ebay is that most of the sellers offer great customer service!

Innisfree Green Tea set.
You can also find skin care/cosmetic items on ebay! I usually purchase from a seller called Rubyruby76 which I came across while reading beauty review blogs. Some sellers also give you free samples!! :D Very nice!

2 packs for twin instax mini films for RM80!!!! *jawdrops*
Good deal I got from a Malaysian seller through ebay deals. Seller sent these via pos laju and it arrived the next day!! (:

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!!

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