Thursday, March 28, 2013

Facebook on paper

Today I'm gonna show you my Facebook that is made of paper. HAHAHA

Geddit? HAHAHA Okay I know it's kind of lame but it's true whad. The Facebook that we all have is paperless and ... you can't even touch it? So this year my friends gave me a scrapbook for my birthday. The whole thing was inspired by the Facebook theme that we are using right now. I know it's kind of late but I know some of the Fifits and also the one and only Fifit spouse wants to see how it looks like :)

Once again a big Thank You! to Shnwei, Audrey and the rest of you guys who helped cut, paste and print! I know Shnwei and Audrey aren't really good when it comes to crafting (they say so themselves. Don't kill me you both!) so thank you you for your efforts *hugs*

TADDAH!! So it comes with a black cover. And unlike normal books/magazines/dictionaries you flip the pages to the right instead of the left.

And you see me on the first page.

And then you can see wishes written on my 'wall'. Okay this statement somehow sounds a bit wrong. Nevermind. In the future, this page will come in handy as a reminder that I could actually read Chinese. I haven't been writing/reading Chinese lately so I think it's fast fading from my.. brain?

And I got a wish from a fake Taecyeon. And I have to wish myself too wtf they left a space for me as well HAHAHA Okay, I might as well just write my wish here...

I wish for love, joy and peace. 
HAHA I know my classmates were a bit bummed when I blew the candles before making a wish. I have not much to wish for anyways :/ Honestly I don't think I have ever made a wish before blowing candles on a cake :OOO Most of the time I get very excited and just blow 'em candles quickly so I can eat the cake. HAHA

Back to the .. Facebook..

Had to put this picture up because I think I look pretty in the cover picture LMAO
Got wishes from all the Fifits too!! Sad that we can't celebrate our birthdays together!! D: But thank you for your wishes!! YAY!!

haha some pictures dating back to the 1950s! Nolah -.- That was taken in 2010 I think. Mad difference.   

So there ya have it!

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