Friday, March 8, 2013

Abdate - One way to start March

** Edited. So this post only came out a week after March started. Due to busy-ness lalala I only managed to finish blogging one week later *smacks forehead*

Can you believe it? 

It's the third month of 2013 already! And here I am still thinking about the fats I gained during Christmas last year. hahaha Times flies huh? In less than 3 months I will be sitting for my semester 2 exam. Not that anyone cares T______T Many have taken many semester 2 exams, Abby. You are not the only one. Okay? Okay. *emo face*

The fact that my results for semester 1 are to be revealed makes everything more dreadful. Yes! DREAD. FULL. Am I scared, yes! Am i worried? No. I kind of prepared myself, for the worst of the worst. Hopefully the STPM people will realize that my birthday falls on the day BEFORE the release of the results and give me a late birthday present. Late also never mind good can liao!!

This year I started March every .... Interestingly? It's my very first time dissecting a rat!! I am sorry animal lovers but this is one of our compulsory experiments (is it?) and I did feel bad for the rat :( But I did wanna cut it up and see what's inside :O Okay.. let's not go into detail...

Let's just look at some pictures :D Of which I took with my dirty, bloody fingers *evil laugh MUAHAHA* Okay, that was a joke. We didn't really have time to take pictures T___T As I mentioned most of the time our hands were covered in blood (okay not covered but it was not clean lah get my point?) and our bodies were covered it sweat. SWEAT. Yup, we had no current on that very special day and we don't know why. So we showered in sweat for about two hours.. lalalala

Apparatus. This was the only picture I took lalala
Rest of the pictures are taken by the school's lab assistant :D

My rat which cost more than a chicken HAHAHA

So rats do have teeth laiddis...

Buka baju...
This was before all the blood. I accidentally cut a blood vessel and then everything started to get bloody and stinky so even the lab assistants went into their office to hide HAHAHA so no pictures of blood and intestines and rat poop for you guys. Sorry!! (or you may wanna thank me)

That's all!! :D

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