Sunday, March 31, 2013

Abdate - A holiday like no other


Our one week school break has come to and end. I have to say that this is the first year I spent my holidays being hardworking :O Well, not very very hardworking but I did do homework, and I did spend most of my time facing the computer, finishing up my PA PBS T_____T It's the holiday I spent ALL my time at home. Can you imagine, ME?! Stay at home? Every day? And not watch tv the whole day ...?


But it did happen. What has form six done to a tv buff like me?


On a side note, I managed to catch GI Joe : Retaliation in 3D with Shnwei yesterday. Good show but the 3D effects sucked. No, it SUCKKKKK BADDDDDD. Fighting scenes were a blur and the only 3D thing about the whole movie were *wait for it* the subtitles -.- Are you serious? I paid extra for tickets and I had to rent 3D glasses and all I get are blurry fight scenes, lousy camera focus and 3D subtitles??!!

Okay, ignoring all the technical failures, the storyline and acting were good *applause* Good team of actors too! Not to mention you get to stare at (Storm Shadow) Lee Byeong Hun's abs more than Bruce Willis' bold head. HAHAHA But then... you cannot ignore The Rock's bold head -.-

And why am I talking about heads?


So tomorrow we go back to school, and sit our desks again, doing test paper corrections T_____T I bet I have a lot to do, because I have a feeling that my grades for this trial would be pretty bad :OOO 

And so tomorrow, April begins.

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