Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Naracoorte Caves

Breakfast was a large Shepherd's Pie hahaha that taste damn good

Before heading down to Adelaide, we visited the Naracoorte Caves, of which is also a World Heritage Site. Not much of pictures because all the pictures I took didn't really come out nice, due to the low lighting :(

We took a guided tour for this cave :D

Huge beaver at the entrance. According to our tour guide (who was a Korean :O) this is an actual living thing some million years ago and they dug it out. :O


Caveman who can't fit into his cave

I bet the reason why people lived in caves during ancient times is because the cave is so comfortable. It's climate, the humidity. Makes you wanna sleep there forever!! I don't know how cold will it be at night but when I was there it was nice and cosy!

After the caves it was a long drive to Adelaide. 

This ice-cream made me so gay

Already a long drive and we had to get lost HAHAHA ended up somewhere ... nowhere ...

It was really nowhere I am not lying! There was nothing but a straight road and flat land and the sides HAHAHA ended up going into someone's farm house to ask for directions. And then we drove to a town near the sea where they do a lot of fishing. Kindda glad we got lost because we got to visit another side of Australia, of which no tour guide brings you to. HAHAHA

Arrived late, had dinner with my cousins. lalalala

Korean food!!
*Almost the end of my holiday photos! We were pretty laid back in Adelaide so there is not much anymore!! :D

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