Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mole & Molier!

Hello! Today I am going to share with you something more fantastic than Fanta! (okay seriously I have to stop these lame jokes -.-)

So Shnwei (she's a Fifit, btw. If you don't already know) and I decided to start a tiny business, selling bookmarks! As you guys all know that I have a love for online shopping and one day I saw really nice metal bookmarks for sale on a website and I had intentions to buy them. But then they cost more than I am willing to pay (because I am cheapo!) so I just let it pass TT___TT


And so I came up with a plan. A good one. I have always wanted to start my own business (whalao like so pro this) but then I don't really have the money, time, and experience whatsoever to do so. I thought having a partner would be a better start since you will be able to manage the business together, which makes a wee bit easier. So I asked Shnwei! hahaha and she gladly agreed (maybe lol. Maybe she was pestered. I dunno. Ask her)

We have decided to call ourselves Mole & Molier. Mole, referring to Shnwei since she has a mole on her face and often gets teased because of it; and Molier, referring to me who has a few moles on the face of which are almost unnoticeable. Yeap, simple as that.

Mole & Molier will be selling metal bookmarks from Korea! Currently we have 2 sets (8 designs in total) to share! BUY BUY BUY!!!!

Set 1: Bicycle Set

Set 2: Animal Set
Each bookmark is about 1.9*1.3 cm in size, made of stainless steel. It's really tiny but the details of each bookmark are just amazing. You have to trust me it's really pretty, I was jumping up and down when the package arrived due to overwhelming-ness lalalala

Each piece is sold at RM2.50. Buy a full set (animal/bicycle) and get an extra piece of your choice for free! Kindda cool right? :D I know maybe to some it's sort of expensive but it's really pretty and definitely worth what you are paying for :)

Right now we are only doing meet ups in 88 Market Place :/ Both of us are slowly picking up things so do bear with us if there is a bit of a delay on things. We haven't even set up our Facebook page (and it has already been a month HAHA) but if you are interested (pleaaaaase be) do contact me or Shnwei personally via Facebook/Twitter/Email or you could leave a comment on this blog post! :D

Bike set selling like hot cakes!!

Animal set too! Only few porcupines (the cutest one) are left!
What are you waiting for? Get your set today!! :D

Any questions? Don't be shy, email me at ms.iiyee@gmail.com :) I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU GUYS!!

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