Friday, February 22, 2013

Abdate - The week after CNY

Hey! How was your week after the CNY holidays? Students like me would say "BOOOO we have to go to school" and adults would have also been reluctant to go back to work. Am I right?

School this week has been quite relaxing. Not much of a hassle but teachers did push us to finish up our assignments. Of which, I haven't even completed half of any TT___TT I realize that I have been getting lazier and lazier by the second. Probably because I have zero motivation, or it could be because I have gained more fats (I blame CNY junk food) but yeah ... 

Have been addicted to CNBlue's latest album called RE: BLUE. Don't ask me what the title means I also dunno. All I know is that the songs in this album is kind of refreshing. It's rock, it's very CNBlue, but somehow it feels very new and alive. I should crown this as my favourite album for the month of February. HAHAHA

Album cover haha somehow Jong Hyun (right) is getting more and more handsome BAHAHA

This is their title song 'I'm sorry'. Sorry to say that I like the other songs better hehehe I'm sorry...

Something arrived in the post today! 

Okay actually it's nothing to shout about but it's too cute (I can't believe I'm using this word to describe something) I cannot resist. It's the Etude House Missing You - I Can Fly Hand Cream! Well that was a mouth-full HAHAHA

Prove you guys wrong ah those who said 'cheh... hand cream only mah...'

Look at this:

Sorry lah it's a crapy picture but you get my point TT_____TT
Cute or not? This is the third series of the Etude House Missing You Hand Creams. Yes I bought the whole set!! Now I am broke lalalala From what I read, the packaging of every series is designed to raise awareness for endangered animals. It's kind of meaningful, and a great way to sell products :D They chose owls and birds for their third series to mainly focus on deforestation of which took away the natural habitat for our flying friends. The outer packaging is made of 100% recycled paper and printed with soy ink. I must give a big thumbs up to the packaging!! (Though I terkoyak-ed one of the boxes when I opened it. I can never not destroy when unboxing -.-) Haven't tried any of them out yet but ... I guess they would sit in their boxes for quite a while because ... they are just to pretty to touch. hahaha

With them came free samples and a mask! So good!! I bought these online by the way. The Etude House kiosk that we have in 1Borneo, KK is selling these hand creams for RM100 per set. They are having promotion now so it's the current price. I not really sure how much they're selling one piece for but it's somewhere around RM29.90. Correct me if I'm wrong! But I got these on a very good offer hahaha PM me for info lalala

Okay! That's about it. CNY is coming to an end and it's time to get serious in my studies!! I wonder if that will ever happen. LOL

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