Friday, January 4, 2013

Otway Fly Treetop Walk

This was before we went to see the Twelve Apostles.

Otway Fly Tree Top Walk is actually one of the famous attractions in Victoria. It takes about 2.5 Hours to get there from Melbourne. There is also another thing called the Otway Fly Zip Line Tour, of which Nick and I were supposed to go but sadly, they were fully booked :( We were supposed to pre-book but then we weren't sure whether we would arrive there on time for the tour.

There is no tour for the walk, you wouldn't get lost that easy after all. The walk is about 2km long and it takes about 1 hour to finish. The cool thing is that you are walking on a steel canopy 30 Meters above the ground. Not advised for those who are afraid of heights hahaha

But you might meet slender man somewhere...

Snake captured from the prehistoric section

Oh wow

How the canopy looks like

And on the canopy.. slender woman will be standing right behind you...

That's the spiral tower. Which brings you 47 Meters above the ground

How it looks like from one of the canopies.
The interesting thing about this walk is that it is very calming. Yeah I need a break from the week in busy Melbourne. You are almost one with nature (knowing that you are as tall as the trees lol) And do you guys remember that we learnt about the different layers of the forest back in lower form Geography? About what kind of plants and animals that you can find how many meters above the ground? Here you can see exactly what it looks like (except that there are no animals, only trees) The most amazing things is when you are at the peak of the Spiral Tower, feeling the freeze, and one with the trees, shaking together when the wind slaps onto your face. lol

For more info about Otway Fly, click here.

Next post: Victoria Zoo and Mackenzie Falls!!!

*Do bear with me because school has just started and I feel that this semester is going to be more hectic than the previous one! I'll try to update as often as I can!!

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