Friday, January 11, 2013

Halls Gap Zoo & Mackenzie Falls

This is where you discover that animals are actually cute!! Well you probably think that animals are ALREADY cute but for a non animal-lover like me, it's a mind changing experience hahaha

Before visiting the Halls Gap Zoo, which is the largest zoo in Victoria itself, we went to visit the Brambuk Aboriginal Culture Centre to learn more about Australia.

AND YES I DID LEARN. Not much pictures inside the building itself but the interior and setting is really nice. But it's really nice to read about how Australia was found and stuff and also about the Aboriginal people and their way of life.

Best of all, you don't have to pay for entry!! It's like a Cultural museum but it is designed very nicely! Cozy too!

A tree outside the Centre... Cute?
Cakes we had at the Cafe there. It's made of traditional spices. Probably the best cakes we tasted in Australia
Now it's time to look at animals. And some poop hahahahaha

Greeted by a proud peacock! He was standing at the entrance wanting some air-cond HAHAHA

Meerkat!! It's cute! LOL

Probably the ugliest looking reptile I have ever seen in my life. I am sorry but you really EWWWW lah
When you enter a part of the zoo (which is the main part where you can see almost everything. You can call it 'the wild' LOL) there will be deers running around with you!! I would like to think of them as tour guides hahaha

Now you might be thinking, 'what the crap is this lady talking about?' I show you.

That's my mom at the back guarding her tiny pack of animal feed from getting snatched by the deers. No they are not that aggressive but they keep stuffing their wet noses at you so it's kind of gross. And we only have one tiny pack of feed (it's AUD$1.00 I think!) to go round the zoo. Surely we had no intention to feed the deers -.- Some of the visitors just threw their pack of feed to the deers because they were afraid that the deers might attack them HAHAHA

Tried to feed this wallaby but then he was chilling..
'What you looking at, mate?'

And so we feed animals like an Emu. HAHAHA

This one no need feed. What it needs is exercise. Or we could give it a roast!

The Tasmanian Devil!!! I never thought that I would see a real one in real life HAHAHA I thought it would look like Bugs Bunny's friend but .... my expectations were very off.

Deer following us because it can smell that mom has food. Somehow this picture reminds me of some fairytale story setting lol

My official favourite animal, THE WOMBAT!!!!
And the reason I like it? Because it sleeps, and it hides in its hole most of the time. And I bet it eats a lot too if not why it's so round. Kind of sounds like my type HAHAHA Very cute also it looks like it can serve as a faithful... pillow

Porcupine? My dad is crazy he said he wanted to touch it zzz

Probably the nicest picture I took of a bird in my entire life

Kwang Soo! (Running Man fans you know what I mean!)

New animal of which is imported from North Borneo. Does nothing much but eat and poop.

Llama Llama Llama!!! Okay it's actually called an alpaca but who cares to me it's a llama!!! This also I never thought I would encounter. I learnt about llamas (wah, sound so serious) when I watch Jimmy Neutron HAHAHA And when I was young I wanted to ride on one -.- Now cannot ride lah for sure, but I did get to feed it.

Mulberry sheep which made me smell like sheep/lamb/yong sao for the whole day D:

WHEE I TOUCHED A KANGAROO!!! -.- Trust me I have never been so enthusiastic about animals in my life D:

After that, we headed to Mackenzie Falls. The one and only waterfall which made my jaw drop, and then I never had the strength (due to overwhelm-ness lol ) to close my mouth.

Vineyards along the way....

It might look ordinary...
Maybe you might think 'Oh it's gonna look like the ones in Sabah....'


There is a trail of which you have walk to get to the bottom of the waterfall. It's not a short trail so of course when you reach there you are already tired and you probably want to get back to your car and have some cola. But the moment I stood directly opposite the waterfall, I felt so free I wanted to jump into the water, which is of course not allowed because you might get swallowed by the water. IT WAS SO BIG! Which made me feel so small and I was humbled by its beauty.

Why am I sounding like I'm writing about a handsome king of the waterfall?? -.-

Honestly after that I started to wonder about how God actually created things like this gigantic but yet so pretty waterfall. That is a mystery that should not ever, be solved.

Proof that I actually went there and that the pictures are taken by me and not stolen from any website!!!

Next post - Naracoorte Caves! Watch out for the enormous wombat!

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