Friday, January 25, 2013

Conquered! Dessert places in Lintas

This is a food post!! Okay more like a dessert post!

Since last year Lintas has been blooming dessert shops! If you live in KK and do not know where Lintas is located then, I assume you live under the rock? So for those who live beyond Sabah premises, let me tell you that Lintas is a place where you can find practically anything. Banks, Saloons, fast food outlets, pubs, restaurants, and of course, dessert shops! Last week I finally managed to visit all of the dessert shops so here are some likes and dislikes about each of them

*All based on my personal opinion please do not feel offended in any way hahaha Most pictures are taken using my phone lalala

The first one of which brought 'dessert frenzy' into Lintas was ZenQ! When it first opened I was like, 'uh.. so many people really that nice or not?' that kind of thing, but I think one of my friends prompted me to go try it out and I actually liked it!!

Usually when you go to a new place you order either the chef's special or a signature dish. That was what I did so here is the ZenQ Signature (RM7.90 each). You can choose different bases (the flavour of ice) of your liking.

The standard ZenQ Signature Top with Pearls, Grass jelly, Q Yuan and crystal noodles

They also give you a tiny bit of milk to pour in. Usually I just skip it because I like it plain :/

After frequenting ZenQ a lot I finally concluded that I liked the ZenQ shaved ice (RM6.90. It's cheaper!!) the most! Sorry no picture hahaha probably because when it is served I swallow the whole bowl ASAP They also offer healthier dessert options such as barley shaved ice (something like that..) or black sesame soup. My friends (and the Fifits, duh!) always order the Matcha Shaved Ice which I don't like -.- They also have bubble tea and fusion drinks!

They also have these bread topped with ice-cream and fruits! Very good but slightly overpriced

Like: They give you many choices to choose from! Big portion too!
Dislike: They discontinued their loyalty card :( Sometimes the desserts are also inconsistent ie sometimes too sweet or too bland.

Next up is Black Ball! I've only tried three desserts so far and I'm much impressed! It's really similar to ZenQ (and very near too!) Blackball and ZenQ are both Taiwanese dessert chains therefore the menu is very very Taiwanese

One of the signature dishes. I forgot what's it called but it has corn in it!! CORNN!!! Unlike the usual ones I have in ZenQ, this one tastes lighter and sweeter, and I think that young kids and seniors would like it too!

If I'm not mistaken this is a Black Ball Signature...
I have to say that the Q Yuan (chewy tapioca balls. The orange and purple balls in the pictures) in Black Ball is much more to my liking. I like that it is not too chewy and it does taste more natural. Sometimes when I have it in other places I feel that I'm chewing plastic hahaha

They also have their special Bobba Milk Tea of which brings bubble milk tea to a different level!

Like: The corn dessert!! hahaha
Dislike: Service is slow -.- And I find that the working counter is so small that the workers have difficulty working at the same pace

Moving on to a shop that serves desserts made of local fruits! Justberrys! I had the most desserts in this shop because my parents like it very much -.- If we are having dinner in Lintas then we'd drop by the shop for some cendol.. And yes, you read it right, it's cendol!!! The one we usually order is the pandan cendol but they also have a durian cendol.The desserts are much more Malaysian-ized and (I bet) much more healthier.

Pandan Cendol (RM4.90). The parents' favourite hahahaha

(oh I'm bad with dessert names) Durian Frenzy? (RM12.50)
It's fresh durian served with vanilla ice cream, bits of durian cake and pamelo! A different taste compared to the usual durian ice cream :D It's quite filling though so it's best to share!

Another cendol hahaha and the other one is a Mango Loh (Shaved ice with mango and sago)
Justberrys also serve desserts such as steam milk custard topped with fruits and grass jelly. They have a wide range of fruits to choose from as well from durian to strawberry to honeydew! A good place for tourists to try out durian desserts as well!

Like: The desserts are made with fresh local fruits!
Dislike: The shop smells like durian (not that you can do anything about it since they serve durian desserts hahaha)

The latest addition was Lucky Bean. Tried to Google about their history but it seems like it is a local brand. To me their menu is very healthy hahaha and innovative at the same time. They serve the traditional tau fu fah with toppings such as green/red bean and grass jelly. A very bold approach I must say!

Apart from their tau fu fah, they've prepared herbal tea! Which is a plus for those who wish to have something less sinful. They also have a range of finger food such as wedges & fries. They serve waffles and pancakes as well so it's an all-in-one dessert shop serving a little bit of everything. The interior of the shop is cozy and very Sabahan. hahaha
I think it's one of the signatures (told you I'm bad with names)
Like: Very diverse menu! And they serve free plain water of which I think is a good plus to dessert shops!!
Dislike: Arggggh. They ran out of ingredients the other day but ahh.. that can be improved :D

There is also Yoyo cafe, Tutti Fruitti and Moo Cow in Lintas. Yoyo is pretty well-known so I'll just skip it. Tutti Fruitti and Moo Cow both serve yogurt ice-cream and I have only tried them in KL. So if you are craving for something sweet, go to Lintas!! lalalalala

That's all :D See ya!!


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