Friday, December 7, 2012

Victoria Market

[Okay so Aly commented on my previous post that it is mah mah dei (which means so-so in Cantonese hahaha) only so I am trying to make it up in this post! But do forgive me I think I am having bloggers block lol]

So if you have read my first post on my trip to Australia, you would have picked up that we rented an apartment just opposite the famous Victoria Market. Which is a big plus because we were able to grab fresh produces to cook by ourselves :D I think we had most meals made by ourselves and it costs much lesser than eating out!! Tasted equally good! hahaha

I woke up early on Tuesday morning and followed my parents to Victoria Market to get some breakfast. My brother slept in obviously hehehe But we went back again after breakfast to get some food for lunch, and also stock up for the following days that we will be in Melbourne, since VM is closed on Wednesday.

Shopping on Tuesdays would be the best since VM is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. So you will be able to get really fresh fruits, meat and vegetables on Tuesdays. The price is also quite affordable! You can get fresh fruits for a bargain if they have offers!

For more info on VM, they have their own website for you to explore! hahaha

Stepping into Victoria Market was like, WOAAAAAAAH!!! I've seen VM in a travelogue on tv when I was in primary school and I wasn't able to grasp that a market can be that BIG. Until I went there lol. I might even get lost in the market itself if I walk alone lol

Here are some pictures (of food found in) VM. I didnt take pictures of the area really HAHAHA I was too into the FOOD

They have wine too! :D

WHALAO. The aubergine big, the box also big!!

Very cute tomatoes
Fruits that you can seldom see in a Malaysian market

Victoria Market is divided into many different sections (they call it sheds). Meat, fish, fruit & vege, organic, delicatessens (where you can find cheese & pastry) and also many shops and cafes! There is also a food court in the market :D

Rump Steak! We bought this rack for $10 :D

Bones selling at a very cheap price (and they are ditched on the floor instead of the nice counters lol)

Pre-marinated for the busy people HAHAHA

Looks yummy but we didn't buy any to try.
Nice or not!!!

Nick and I bought one each and only ate them during our drive to Port Campbell. Really yummy!!

So here are some stuff that we bought from the market... mostly eaten before we left so no more for you guys!!! hehehe
3 for $10 cheese!
Ham, eggs and a gigantic Kranzky sausage!!

Fresh bread & bacon for breakfast.
I have to admit, after eating so much bread, bacon and ham during the trip I really miss the Malaysian style breakfast of kon lau mee and sang nyuk men!! Ohh and teh c also! All they drink there is coffee!!


Really yummy pastries :O In VM you can just simply buy anything from any shop and it will ALL taste good.
Big strawberry!! I think this was $2 for a pack only!!
Rock Melons of which cost a fortune if you buy in KK TT____TT

Dinner that we cooked :D So we had mushrooms, cauliflower, potatoes & squash, and the Rump Steak I mentioned on top!! Very simple and nice!

So that's all :)
Gonna have a busy weekend! Please pray that I will not collapse. Only hope that I will lose those fats due to the hectic schedule HAHAHA


Alysasasasasa said...

I spot hot lamb seller :D no la...okok only XD Don't collapse now ah...collapse after christmas :D

J M a r i e said...

yer i wan eat that meal u guys cooked!!! haha. i'm hungry =.=