Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prepare to be mind blown


Everyone likes the sea, right? And sand? And the breeze? 

After 4 nights in Melbourne we drove down to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road.


Okay the only driver was my dad hahaha

This was when we didn't know where to go...

There is another attraction before this but then I just wanna post this up first because I really cannot tahan already because all the pictures are so nice I couldn't really pick favourites because all are so pretty. Okay I said that already zzz BUT IT WAS. And still probably is hahaha

Ever heard of this before?

The Twelve Apostles?
Yeah it's the Twelve Apostles in rock form lmao

Before going there I didn't even know this exist. I was absolutely clueless :( When my dad told me that we are going on the Great Ocean Road I was like 'okay cool' because I thought the whole stretch was going to be sea ocean ocean sea beside us so that was already cool for me.

But then... I didn't know they had the Twelve Apostles.

Which is real great because I was really impressed. HAHAHA


Before the 12 Apostles was an attraction called the Gibson Steps. It's sort of like the steps that we have at Simpang Mengayau, but it has handrails and is much more safer. HAHA Of course you don't feel like you are gonna trip, but you might freeze to death.

View from one of the steps of the Gibson Steps. lol
Once you reach the bottom.. (which is like, the sandy.. beach) part, you will see this!!

LOL I just love their signs :/

And then this
Only thing was that the weather was gloomy and it rained a bit.

After I saw that, I thought I was going to die happy already. Y U SO PRETTY?!?! Even the sand and cold and hair getting into my face didn't stop me from standing in awe. In awe of God's creation. In awe of how He can make such a thing. And I was numb (partly from the cold hahaha)

This is how big the rock (which is one of the 12 Apostles) and the cliffs are.
After that we drove a little and were greeted by this!!

Behold 4 of the 12
Of course you can never see the 12 in one shot, unless you go on a helicopter or a boat LOL Oh they say now it's only 11 Apostles standing because one collapsed (see my picture. the flat pile of limestone is the fallen one), because that one is Judas HAHAHA

Somehow I like this picture HAHAHA That girl is not me okay -.-

Asked my brother to snap a picture of me and this is what I get -.-
My favourite picture I took there!! The Ocean looks so nice I can't even!! GAAAAH.

Next stop was Lord Arc Gorge. Named after a shipwreck of which only 2 passengers survived I think. Read here if interested. I know some of you don't really bother HAHAHA But I do know that some scenes in the 1982 film The Pirate Movie and Journey to the Centre of The Earth (1999 version) was shot here. hehehe

Lord Arc Gorge
And you will find this at the opposite of that opening...
Amazing isn't it? Most of the time my mouth was like, not closed because everything seemed so.. unreal. Unreal because it was too real to be true. It's like you are reading a fairytale and the writer brings you to a land in your imagination :O

But it was far better than imagination...


After that we arrived a town called Port Campbell, which was our stop for the day. And we checked in to Port Campbell Hostel
 I liked this hostel. Really much. And I don't mind bunking in there again LOL

Love this part of the hostel
Went to town to have dinner at a restaurant. I forgot what's the name of the restaurant but I think it's 12 Rocks or something like that..

From our hostel we got an offer of a dinner set. You can choose between a Chicken Parma or Fish of the day, with a glass of beer. I'm not sure if glass is the right term to use here :O
And it costs $17.99 per meal (which is considered quite cheap already... for a meal with beer lagi)

We thought that since the set was much more cheaper than the ala carte (around $20), the portion would be less compared to the ala carte. Thus we went ahead and ordered one set each. So it was 2 sets fish and 2 sets chicken.

Restaurant let us swap beer for other stuff from the chiller. YAY!
While waiting for the food we looked around the restaurant and checked out what other people ordered, and also the size of the dish. And all of us went 'WAH! SO BIG HOW TO FINISH?!' 

Then we assured ourselves, 'aiyah ours cheaper one sure smaller'

But we were wrong. And the food came out this big ....

My Chicken Parma, the chicken itself is the size of my face

Nick's or mom's Fish & chips.
And we learnt our lesson.

I couldn't finish the chicken (actually I only managed to eat 1/3 of it....) and it became the next day's breakfast HAHAHA

For more pictures (by other people) of the Twelve Apostles and also a little background story of it, click here

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