Monday, December 3, 2012

I iz back!

Hello peeps! I am back from the land down under!

Had a really great 3 weeks in Australia, and I am definitely tired from traveling. But it's not keeping me from all the preparations for Christmas. I don't even have time to rest!!! Tomorrow and Wednesday I will be attending a prayer conference, and then Christmas parties for Sunday School and Youth will commend on Friday and Sunday. After that it will be tons of dance and drama preparations for Christmas!! AAAAHHHH!!!

I don't even think I will have time to do any part time jobs. Which means I will not be able to buy myself a Christmas present zzz

Right now I am transferring pictures lalalalala Hopefully I will manage to post all the posts that I wanna post. Unlike last time where I abandoned the holiday write-ups after day 5 or 6 ahahahaha.

Okay I have another 30 minutes of transferring. What shall I talk about now?

OH! I am missing <s>my</s> Australian accent. I somehow miss the weird weather, sunny till 8pm HAHAHA can save a lot of electricity. I miss taking the bus to town, taking the free tram in town. I miss the bed in my cousins house HAHAHA

But I am so happy to be back home. So happy that I got to have sang nyuk men for lunch just now, with teh c ping!! And that I can sleep with my blanket. And that I can sweat like a pig (I actually miss that!!)

Okay that's all. HAHAHA

Until the next post.

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