Friday, December 14, 2012

Freddy's Bike Tours

This was probably the most adventurous thing that we have done during the entire trip. Okay, what I have done maybe. Joining a bike tour during a holiday to me is like running a 15km marathon when you have been a couch potato for 18 years of your life.

If I were to choose, I would rather go on a swimming tour or a walking tour instead of a bike tour -.- But my dad (who is really into bikes these days for some reason) dragged the whole family into doing this tour. Ugh. You cannot imagine how hard my mom and I prayed for that day to rain, which didn't work. TT_____TT I don't even know how he can find out that such a tour exists. Before that he tried dragging us to rent the free bikes so that we could ride around the city AAAHHHH!!

Breakfast was the usual + mushrooms!!
So we met up with Freddy (from Freddy's Bike Tours, duh) at Federation Square. Got our vintage bikes!! And then set off for the tour.

Freddy's Bike Tours is a tour around Melbourne city, and he brings you to beautiful places while telling you the history of that land, which is really nice considering I know nothing much about Australia. hahaha. All I know is that they have kangaroos and koalas and stuff like that. Okay, so maybe my dad found out about this tour online since it's ranked #8 of 113 activites to do in Melbourne on Trip Advisor. I am not kidding proof here , found while I was googling about it lol.


This is me on the bike, tucking in my shirt, and wearing my helmet lol
Yarra River

Australian Football

And here you can see how Freddy looks like.

A church that we visited.

Somehow I like this picture, a lot.
Graffiti alley in Melbourne. Kind of reminds me of the graffiti in Belgium
 The tour takes about 3 and a half hours to complete. I assume that it is enough exercise for the entire 3-week holiday! It wasn't easy okay we had to paddle up a very loooong and steep hill, and then do hook-turns in traffic, and also get bashed by some drivers hahahaha

Group photo
 After that we went to have our lunch (at 4pm) in Melbourne Central, then walked home.

AND I COULD NOT WALK AFTER THAT!! I am serious. I didn't feel my legs at all. And when I could feel them again they hurt sooooo bad. I HAD TO SIT ON THE SHOWER FLOOR WHEN I WAS TAKING MY SHOWER!!!

and that's not all... my face got sunburnt!!! GAAAAAH!! And I was upset the whole night because I was really afraid that my whole face would be ruined. :( I still have the burnt patches on my face until today :(

After dinner my dad forced me to walk down to the Suzuki Night Market summore D: I tell you it was the longest and the most painful walk that I have ever walked. I had to stop at the middle of the road (where they had a place for trams to stop) for like, 10 seconds. And when I got into the night market I kept on looking places to sit because my legs were just reallllllllly pain.
Thank goodness for these chairs

So that's how our apartment looked like at night...
And the pain goes on for days. 

Now I have bike phobia and whenever I see a bike, I feel the pain.

BUT. Overall the tour was good! I would recommend it to those who are active and more fit HAHAHA because if you are like me (who exercises ... never), you would suffer the consequences. *scary music* But if you do wanna get a good look on what Melbourne has to offer (and daring enough to accept that steep hill challenge), go take this tour!!!

For more info on the tours (they have day tour and night tour!) and charges, visit for more info!

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