Sunday, December 23, 2012

Abdate - Rise of the Guardians

I finally got to have a Movie Marathon last Wednesday with Nick, Shnwei and her sister! Was planning to have one after we came back but there were too many activities GAAAAH! Only managed to watch 2 movies because we (Bro and I) had to go for carolling in the evening! 

The 2 movies we watched was Rise of The Guardians and Life of Pi. Of which both I recommend watching :D 

Rise of The Guardians was unexpectedly VERY good!! Before that I've read reviews and some of them said it was boring so I thought it would be just a normal and lame cartoon but it wasn't!! Turns out to be one of the most touching stories that I've heard of and it really brings out some good message :) That every kid should believe.

YAH I'm 18 and I still watch cartoons and still think it's sometimes better than other shows. So what?

Tooth fairy! Love her costume so pretty

Sandman! My favourite of the legends hahaha though he can't speak.

Life of Pi was also really nice. It's like, a really really nice dream!! Okay you have to watch it for yourself to actually know what I'm talking about because otherwise you would think that I'm talking nonsense. Go watch it yourself LALALALA


Spent other days of the week watching We Got Married Season 4, Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo. Otherwise I would be... just.... sleeping -.- Or just online window shopping. 

My church is having an Open House on Christmas Day so do join us if you have nothing to do! The event starts at 11.00am and there will be performances and FOOD! GOOD FOOD!! There will be turkey and other Christmas dishes, all prepared in our own kitchen! Please come and have some turkey!! It's an Open House so of course you can come, even if you are not invited HAHAHA

And that's the abdate of the week!

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