Friday, December 14, 2012

Abdate - the beginning!

Hello *airwave*

I am going to introduce a new segment (okay I don't know if I can call it this) called 'Abdate'. Geddit? 

Abby + update = Abdate.

Cool? Or pffffft? :(

I wanted to call it iidate but then it will sound like iDate, and people might think that I'm overly obsessed with iPhones and iPods and stuff. And iDate sounds like a dating website, or an Apple App HAHAHA

So Abdate it is! 

Now I think Abdate sounds like as if I am going on a date HAHAHAHA but never mind lah next time if I go out on a date the guy can say 'I am going on an Abdate' HAHAHA okay not funny loh -.- It also sounds like you are going on a date with abs, which is impossible because you go everywhere with your abs (if you have any). 

The reason I am writing like this is because I have recently read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Yeah.

Okay. Back to the point. The main purpose of introducing Abdate is to force myself to update at least, once a week. It's sort of like my normal update posts but then it will called 'Abdate', for fun? Can or not? So I will update you guys about my week and what I am doing and other... boring... stuff. 

Speaking of boring stuff, you can skip Abdates if you think my previous random posts are boring lalalalalala

Now. Let me start...

Right now I am sneezing because my brother caught the flu and I think he passed it to me D: It's not that my immune system is lousy okay it's because he keeps coughing/sneezing TOWARDS me. I can imagine millions and millions of germs that are spat on my face EWWWW I am hoping that I will not get sick. Please, me no want sick.

I am also enjoying music much more often now that I finally received my New iPod Nano from chikapowwow!!! It took 2 months to get here!! Okay nolah it only took 1 day lol The initial iPod was somehow not shipped to me so I didn't receive it :( And when I contacted the organizers they didn't bother to reply me loh!! Until I got really mad and wrote an emo complain letter hahaha and then they re-checked and realized it was their mistake so they sent me the latest model (7th) instead of the old one!! WHEE!! :D But I sakai okay dunno how to use the ear pods. hahaha help me D:

And before I wrap it up (like a chicken wrap), I am finally going to see Sungha Jung LIVE tomorrow *epic moment face*

See yaaaa <3

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