Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in a nutshell

It's slightly different this year.I get to celebrate new year in KK instead of KL, which for me is really different since it's so quiet and calm. And I like it.

We had bak kut teh for dinner just now and right now everyone is at home, chilling. So I decided to look back and see what I've done this year...

My first time having a part time job. And I enjoyed it very much

Bought my first mascara. The year I started venturing into make up and skin care

Lost my iPhone :(
Last time wearing our secondary school uniform. Good SPM results (:
First time going to karaoke with these ladies...
I went to 3 concerts. One of them was Red Soul. And then it was Anthony Neely, then Sungha Jung!!
Went into form six. Met some really nice people

Gave blood for the first time. And I almost died

Went to Australia!
And I shook his hands LALALALALA

So I've grown. Year 2012 was the year of growth. I've matured, I've become wiser, I learnt how to learn. And of course (if you see the pictures), I've gained A LOT of weight. 

And so I decided that Year 2013 will be the year of giving. The year of giving my best. In my studies. In the ministries that I'm in. In relationships. In weight hahahaha 

I am truly thankful for this year and I really could not have done it without God, and also the support of my family and friends. They say you are a grown up when you turn 18, but I don't think so. I think I have more to fill in before I can really be a 'grown up'. Perhaps I will never ever grow up. But I wanna make 2013 much more fruitful and joyful than 2012.

(Just heard some fireworks!)

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