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A Night in Paris

We had out Prom Night yesterday. We call it 'Prom' but actually it's more of like a farewell dinner for the senior six students? Yeah.. We did dress formally and had a theme and there was Prom King & Queen but unlike proms in the west, ours was a little bit more, Malaysian? Okay I think you get my point -.-

(I am having a mind block now. I typed everything just now but somehow I forgot to save it before I left for dinner and now ... I forgot what I wanted to type. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!!!???!)

So the day itself was an exam day. We had our Chemistry paper in the morning and we had to be there at the hotel by 5.30pm to get ready. I'm in the organizing committee and basically my job is to prepare the paperwork and table seatings and stuff (like what normal secretaries do) so I was also assigned to do reception on the day itself. Bad thing is that I didn't really get my make up done at home and decided to do it there. When it comes to time management, I fail. So I only helped out at the reception at the second half :( I am really sorry D: And I feel bad too because I think I did a pretty awful job with Audrey and Shnwei's make up. GAAAAH I am sorry Fifits ):

Here are the pictures from yesterday night. It's not much because I was running around arranging seats and counting votes for Prom King and Queen so I didn't get to really capture every moment. All night long I was worried about the whole thing for no reason -.- Until now I still don't have a clue why I was running here and there but I guess it always happens when I feel that I have a task that I must do well in. In this case, it's nothing much. HAHAHA

Also introducing to you guys some of the new friends I met in form six along the way :D

The receptionists (:
From left: Tabitha (I call her Psyduck because she is very cute), Yen Ling, me and Jeck (who is on the phone).
All of us are from the same class and we always chit chat during Bio class hehehe

More receptionists hahaha I'm not in because I was setting the timer
From left: Brian, Yen Ling and Tabitha again, Eleen, Jeck and Sau. Sau is the odd one out hahaha because he's not really an assigned receptionist but he helped us out by stamping the parking tickets D:

Oh here is me in it.

Committee's opening act - Abba's Mamma Mia

I am not in the opening act because I never went to practice :O I missed the first practice because I totally forgot about it and when the second practice came I was having a bad flu and sore throat. So it's better not for me to go on stage since uhm.... I might sing off key -.- Only managed to watch the second half of the performance because I was still on reception duty (with Psyduck)

After the opening act, it's food time :D And between dishes we spared some time for photos. Gotta say the food was only so-so. I only tried 3 out of the 6 dishes. I probably burned more calories than I gained that night lol

Jeck, Chee Chia & Shnwei.
Jeck and Chee Chia are my classmates whom are from Keningau. Shnwei is a Fifit if you forgot who she was (just remember that she has a mole)

Me with Chee Chia and Shnwei.

The four of us. Shnwei what are you doing?

With Audrey. The fifits :D This is our first prom btw hehehe

Never serious.


With Florence, a senior :D
Shnwei and I sat on a table with the seniors because we didn't have any seats D: We were supposed to be on a table alongside Audrey, TK and a few of our classmates but in the end that table was ripped off and we had to fill in the vacant spaces. At first we were really paiseh because we don't really know the seniors (actually I only know Florence hahaha) but it turned out to be okay.

Jeck with the seniors

Me and Jacqueline who is really, really pretty O____O

Actually I think all the seniors looked really really good that night. They were required to wear a mask and I think all of the masks also very very pretty ah. Okay random much. I just think that our effort (okay not much from me :/) really paid off knowing that they actually ... how do I say this? take it to heart to dazzle up for this prom.

Me and Psyduck! :D She likes animals lol *hint

Us again with Jeck.

Me & Orang Lawas :D
From left: Chu Err, Yue Mei and Angel. The three of them are from Lawas hehehe and they are a happy bunch. I just love this picture turned out in black & white so there it is. Sorry that the pictures suck cz as you all know.. my camera is old alr.

Me and Fione
Oh man I look fat in this picture NNNNOOOOOO Okay I'm fat in real life so there's nothing to hide!!!! Fione is a super genius. Nuff said hahaha and I like the dress she is wearing T____T

With Psyduck and Yen Ling :D

Okay it's not my camera's fault that the pictures are crappy, it's the lighting!!! From now on you will get pictures that hurt your eye less hahaahaha

Mike, me & Ai San
I am the light bulb with feathers while they are the ...  *coughs* Just let the next picture do the talking


Now the smaller light bulb

The sexy ladies

Mole & Molier.
 I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Because can see our moles hahaha and somehow both of us took the picture with our mouths open. I don't know why!

btw Shnwei if you see this, where are my sunnies?!

Cheng Yeng, me, and Xiao Yhun. Both very stunningly pretty *jawdrops

And I look like a giant standing next to them T_________T Actually I look like a giant with anyone because I was wearing like 3-inch heels, which seems normal for most people but not me!!! :( Aiyah bad thing about being tall is that you can never ever ever wear heels that are higher than ... one inch? Is a one-inch heel even considered a heel??

Sau and Shnwei (OMG your names start with S one!!)
I just thought that it would be cooler to make it black & white but it turned out quite bad. I AM SORRY but I was trying to make them look better because ... uhh ... nevermind HAHAHA

Me and Sau (who is tiptoe-ing)
Sau is TK's cousin actually hehehe and I don't call him Sau in real life, I call him Yung Yung!! He posted an ugly picture of me on FB and I threatened him to delete it or else his skin will be peeled off on Monday HAHAHA and I won *boss face

The curang picture *smirks*
This photo was taken to make a classmate of mine jealous. hehehehe This is Brian, who btw reads my blog (I think) So, HI BRIAN!! *Stitch wave

Brian & Shnwei
Me & Eleen :)

Last but very least, a group photo of my classmates who made it for prom that night (:

Take one

Take two - freestyle/ posterized

*photos end*

In the end I was glad that I went to prom. And first I didn't really wanna go just because ... but then I guess it turned out okay and I had fun despite all the running around. I look forward to prom next year!! :D

P.S - I didn't have anything to wear that night but luckily I had this dress I bought from a blogshop called Love Hear E-House few weeks ago. I bought it for casual wear but I guess it turned out not bad so a big thank you to them!! :D My shoes are from Vincci Fall Collection 2012 

P.P.S - I designed the ticket at the top of this post. You like??? (:

So that's all lah!! I have less than a month to my first sem STPM so I might not be blogging much!! See you guys (:

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