Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoom zoom update!

Hey!! *waves

It's only Tuesday but I have been so busy I thought it was already Friday -.- Plus the rainy weather keeps me very sleepy throughout the day so half of the time I don't really know what I am doing (ie right now)

I have lots to update about my online shopping haul but I just don't have the time to sort out pictures and stuff! The school exam is next week (pulls own hair) and I have to pass up my Mathematics assignment by Friday (bangs head on keyboard)! Yes I am taking Maths laugh all you want! I'm also busy with Prom stuff -.- which is on the day we finish our school exams. AND IT'S A FRIDAY!!! D: Dreadful or not? I am so going to look ugly + fat + zombie-like (I'm not sure whether zombies can be fat hahaha) during prom because I usually eat tons of junk food while studying for exams (fat gain explained) and I get a lot of pimples and my eyes turn very sleepy and dark circles form and my energy level is basically lower than the floor (ugly and zombie done) THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!

Of course it doesn't really matter because no one is going to look at me anyways :( I also must say that I don't have a decent dress to wear to prom. Can I just wear my jeans? I'll iron it ... I promise .. and I'll wear the best t-shirt I can find in my closet. ugh.

Lastly, I have sad news. My ex-accounts teacher passed away. We heard the news just this morning. :( RIP Cikgu Sinin.


Alysasasasasa said...

Gambateh ah u guys on ur exam :) and PROM!

Shelby Lim said...

What happen to Cikgu Sinin?

iiyee said...

I think he had a stroke.. :/ It was.all sudden

iiyee said...

I think he had a stroke.. :/ It was.all sudden