Friday, August 17, 2012

What I did before a test

SO YAY!!! Test just ended yesterday. I think I did very very very bad.

This was the first test of the year LOL Haven't set in any tests/exams since SPM last year and obviously my brain is already rusty and stuff. But I still wouldn't give in to studying TT____TT WHY AM I SO LAZYY!!??

A friend of mine came from Korea for a short visit last week so I went out with her on Friday for a little catch up (:
The pretty and the auntie (me) who wears a t-shirt she owned since she was 14

My classmates would probably go insane knowing that they have a classmate like me who ignores her test results and dare go yamcha with her friend. CANNOT MEH?!?! I had a good time catching up with Lisa although uhh, it wasn't a loooong catch up lah. 

On Sunday I did the most heroic thing I have ever done in my life. Which almost cost me half of my life! HAHAHA 

Our church held the very first blood donation drive and I decided to give it a try. Since I'm already 18 yay!! and I know that I will probably fail the blood testing parts =/


I had to sign a form and tick some stuff on the form, then later the nurse asked me stuff like, 'have you had your breakfast?' 'how many hours did you sleep last night?' 'when was your last period?' 'what's your bloodtype?' I answered them all. Then she like, checked my bloodtype for me and the bloodcount, AND I PASSED!?!?! =OOOOO

The count was 15.4 for me, which according to my mom and other aunties, is quite high or something so they say it's fine. You need to have at least 11 or higher? Issit? Idk.. heard someone babbling about it that time. The nurse said I could even give 2 pints of blood HAHAHA but since it's my first time she adviced me not to. My blood pressure was also fine so yeah, they said I can donate so I went to sit on one of those reclining chairs LOL

The reason I was shocked that my blood count was actually that high is because I always faint easily so I suspected that I have low blood or something like that. Yeah for those of you who don't know I faint very easily, and very quickly. For example when I was in the marching team for sports day during form one, I felt dizzy and I wanted to signal one of my team members but before I could open my mouth I fainted to the back =O And the PBSM had to carry me to their camp lmao

Me and my blood.

The process was very fast. I didn't feel a thing lol and later I went to have ngau chap for lunch because mom said beef can help replenish (correct word?) blood or something. 

Monday I went to school as usual. Woke up a bit early than usual to watch the Olympics' Closing Ceremony but I feel asleep on the sofa =/ AND IN SCHOOL IS WHERE THE SUFFERING BEGAN!!

I was reading pengajian am (general studies) during our free period then I started feeling very uncomfortable and my head started hurting. My throat was starting to burn (it was a bit sore in the morning but I didn't think it would burn that much). I felt real tired to the extent that when I blink my eyes, I'd fall asleep. So I set my books aside and slept until the recess bell rang.

After recess I went to look for my class teacher and asked her whether I would leave earlier. I wanted to go home and get some rest so that I could study in the afternoon for the test the very next day. Because I drive to school, the head of the sixth form said I must have one parent to take me home because he is afraid that I might get into an accident since I am half conscious. So in the end I didn't go home and tahan-ed till 2.10pm. Okay I didn't tahan lah. After recess my hurt hurt even more and I was seeing stars already. Even when my chemistry teacher was teaching I couldn't hear a thing -.- I was that sick I can't even.

So after school, I really needed to sleep. I DROVE (bad move. I vision was blurry and thank God nothing bad happened to me or Nick or anyone else) Nick to my grandma's house so that he could have his lunch and I DROVE back home so that I can sleep. WHALAO even changing into house clothes was a torture ah. I texted my mom to tell her that I don't feel well and then slept, until she came home =O

Went to see a doctor at night and he said that because I just gave blood and my white blood cells are less than before, infections started to take advantage of my body. So evil. That's why I got sick so quickly =/ and blah blah blah He advised me to have some beef lol 

The night before the test, I never opened a single textbook and slept through the whole process.

HAHAHAHA My test is history. I took the test despite the MC the doctor gave me, and I think I am probably going to flunk all the papers. Even MUET. 

I thought I was going to die while doing the test on Tuesday and I remember telling myself, 'If you wanna die, at least don't die in a classroom' HAHAHA half dead still manage to worry about where to die LOL I don't wanna die in my uniform also please so ugly =/

Now I feel much better but I still get dizzy easily so... YAY! I'm alive again (:

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